Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Inside the heads of an honorable Muslim family

First some background:

Back in 2002 the body of a 14 year old girl of Iraqi origin was found floating drowned in the harbor by a fisherman in the small town of Præstø in Denmark. The girl had suffered several severe blows to the head and had been pushed into the harbor and left to drown. She was identified as Sonay Ahmad Mohammad, who had come to Denmark four years before along with her mother to be rejoined with the head of the family, Ashraf Ahmad

Ashraf came to Denmark in 1996 as a refugee from Saddam Hussein's regime. The family moved into a row house and was apparently functioning well in the community. They took courses in Danish and were well liked. Sonay went to school with no problems, save one: She was became to Danish for her parents likings! She dated Danish boys and went to parties.

Her father began to beat her to try to keep her in fold, and - on the mother's request - even tried to strangle her. The school noticed that Sonay started to show up with bruises and she eventually confided in her teacher, who reported the abuse to the police and the girl was instantly removed from her family and put in a foster home.

Never the less, just four months later, county officials ignoring warnings from the municipality gave Ashraf permission to spend time with his daughter.

Next thing you know, Sonay is found floating in the harbor. Suspicion is quickly focused on her father, and despite his not-guilty claim he was convicted to 14 years in prison followed by a life-long deportation to Iraq. The sentence was appealed to the Supreme Court but was confirmed.

Now, - and this is where it gets a little complicated - Sonay's mother, Suheyla, was convicted of human smuggling by getting her brother-in-law, Jabbar, into Denmark on false papers and made him marry her sister whom she had also gotten in on false papers. She was sentenced to 30 days in jail and 5 years eviction.

OK, so much for the background. Danish TV2 is airing a documentary about this case later this month, and they have leaked an intercepted letter Ashraf send from his cell to his brother Jabbar back in 2005. Apparently things were not going too well in the family. The letter can be seen here (in Danish. Doc. my translation.) It's a bit incoherent and ranting, but the threat is none the less apparent.

I beg you my brother, I suffer every hour and every day. For Gods sake, please do one thing. No one will own the world (get this world for himself) neither you, me or anyone else. Do a good deed and you will be rewarded and do not help the infidels. It is written in the Qoran: God does not like the infidels.

It is stated in the Tradition: He who follows a nation will become one of them, therefor his place is in the fires of Hell. I ask you to listen to me and help your brother and a poor woman whose children are waiting for her.

These are my last word to you. I tell you, this world is too small and perhaps we will meet in Iraq or in some other country, God's earth is wide. If you do not help Suheyla [His wife] in this matter you will get conflicts with me. I will kill you like I killed the infidel Sonay. She used to make corruption *) every day with the infidel pigs. She made corruption twice in front of me and I murdered her with my own hands.

That is corruption. God, praised and glorified says: Do not corrupt the earth, and the infidels say that they are good.
I have Fatwa on cassette, if you understand you will weep, and I have friends, we are all united in God's religion only.

Salutations my brother. God will guide you in the right direction.

So, you might think this is just another madman killing his own offspring and threatening his brother with the same fate, because he's trapped in some 7th century mindset.

Well, not quite. Get a load of this: This article from 2003 cites Sonay's mother - remember, the one who got her sister and her brother-in-law to Denmark on false papers and then forced them marry each other, the one who ordered her husband to beat up her own daughter? Here's what she had to say :
I've bought two houses in Kirkuk in Iraq. As refugees we have got so much money from the Danish State that we have been able to save and buy the houses in cash.

My husband is in prison and I'm waiting for him. I have been granted an apartment and I get money from the system, so there is no reason for me to go back to Iraq.

Indeed, why should she go back? Perhaps to see her two remaining children?
"I'm afraid something will happen to my children, or that they should witness something happening to me. That's why I've sent them to Iraq where they live with my mother and my sister."
Ah, but of course, she is the victim! How thoughtless of me. All this time, I had the understanding that it was her daughter who was the victim. Silly me.

Anyway, isn't that nice of us. We take in a family of oppressed refugees, set them up, give them a monthly income, give them language courses, send their kids to school and the response is what? They murder their own 14 year old daughter because she gets to Western for their liking. They smuggle in two relatives on falsified papers and make them marry each other. And they get enough money from the hard-working taxpayers (that would be me!) to buy two houses in Iraq in cash. And they need to live here as refugees while it's perfectly safe for their small children to be in Iraq. Give me a frigging break!

Excuse me for wondering. But what the F*** are these people doing here? Or, perhaps more to the point: Why the F*** are we paying tax money to scum like that?
(Sorry, just had to vent.)

I'll post more on this when the doc had been aired.

(h/t to Uriasposten)

*) The Danish text is "lave fordærvelse," a rather peculiar expression. I take it the letter have been translated from Arabic into Danish. I translated it into Corruption in lack of a better word.


Anonymous said...

This is actually a mis concept about Islam due to some of the so called terrorists not so confidently follows Islam.I am an Christian and have had an research on Islam and its culture.I live in India with my Muslim Brothers who always help me in my research work if necessary.The reason for such unkind messages related to Islam is that Media i.e., Newspapers,Tv News,magazines,....etc. pick out some black sheep of
community and represent them as the face of religion in fact you should ask us about how these Muslim brothers live peacefully and maintain a humanitarian relationship with the other communities.I being a religious person have read the Holy Bible and found many similarities with the Holy book of Muslims including the messages of Jesus Christ.My name is John Fernandes,56.And i Kindly request our Christian brothers to stop sending such unkind messages about any community as Lord said to spread Peace and behave peacefully with mankind{Bible 12:19}.Hope my message turns your hearts towards light of Holy Cross.Hallelujah Amen

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