Friday, April 20, 2007

Chaos in Court

A large group of Turks created havoc in a Danish court when the jury acquitted a young Lebanese man of homicide.

This from Copenhagen Post:
The acquittal of a man suspected of stabbing another to death got friends and family member of the victim to rush the suspect and court representatives

A 21 year-old man was found not guilty of murder in an Århus court Tuesday, resulting in friends and family members of the victim leaping over the courtroom railings in an effort to attack the accused, the judge and the jury.

Up to 50 of the victim's supporters threatened to kill the defendant and had to be restrained by the five police officers on the scene, who used truncheons and pepper spray against the mob while reinforcements were called in. Chairs and other objects were thrown at the police and court participants by the angry group, several of whom were arrested.

`It was like a tsunami wave rolling over the railing,' said Judge Peter Lilholt, who presided over the case.

The man acquitted, a Lebanese Dane, had been charged with stabbing 21 year-old Turk Murat Karabulut to death during a brawl outside an Århus pizzeria 7 June last year. Despite a mountain of circumstantial evidence, the prosecution lacked the murder weapon and had only witness statements from the other group involved in the altercation and a purportedly missing getaway car.

It was not the first time family members to Karabulut caused trouble for the police, as a similar but less destructive demonstration took place at the suspect's preliminary hearing last June.

After the incident, the victim's family members reiterated threats outside the courthouse that they would kill the acquitted man.
Murat Karabulut was on parole from prison when he was stabbed, having done time for assault and robbery.

How nice it is to live i a multi-cultural society.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"Dane" gets 42 months (no, not years) for inciting terrorism

Said Mansour was today sentenced three years and six months imprisonment for inciting to terror by the Copenhagen City Court. From The Copenhagen Post (link in English):
A Danish national born in Morocco was found guilty on Wednesday of inciting terrorism.

The Copenhagen City Court handed Said Mansour a prison sentence of three years and six months, claiming he spread propaganda that encouraged radical Islamist groups to commit terror acts.

Police accused Mansour of being in contact, for example, with the four young men from Glostrup, who were recently tried for planning a terror act in Denmark.
[The Jurors found all four guilty but the judges annulled the verdict and only sentenced one of the defendants. Prosecution is still pondering whether to appeal. Ed.]

During Mansour's trial, which began in September 2005, prosecuting attorney Lone Damgaard presented the court with hundreds of videotapes and CD-ROMs confiscated from the defendant's apartment which documented various terrorist acts and showed Americans being decapitated.

The prosecution also established that Mansour had been in close contact with Omar Abdelrahman, the blind sheik who received a 240-year prison sentence for the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.
It's not the first time Mansour make the headlines. Back in 2005, The Washington Post did a piece on Denmark's anti-terror legislation, interviewing Mansour as a case. (It's not a bad article, well worth reading, actually)

I'm really not to sure what to think of this case.

One the one hand, it's good that the Court has drawn a line in the sand. On the other hand, the prosecution wanted Mansour to be stripped of his Danish citizenship so he could get deported (something Copenhagen Post fails to mention) . This he was not, on the grounds that he has "strong ties" to Denmark (He's wife is a Dane and they have four kids attending school) and that he faces a "grave risk" of getting killed if he returns to Morocco.

Well I have strong ties to Denmark, and I face a grave risk of getting blown to smithereens on the subway because Said Mansour can continue to spread his hate-speech and violent propaganda from the sanctuary of his "home" country. Not to mention, that the said country have been feeding him for years. WaPo:
His wife is a public school teacher, but Mansour said he was unemployed and collected a monthly government welfare benefit of about $1,800.
With the time already done in custody and the usual deduction for good behavior, heck, Mansour could be out this time next year.

May the prosecution appeal and may the Higher Court judges have some very bad hangovers when they hand out the sentence.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Lest we forget

A group of Danish soldiers on the morning of the German invasion,
9 April 1940. Two of these men were killed later that day (Caps: Wiki)

On this day, the 9'th of April 1940 Denmark was assaulted and occupied by Nazi-Germany in Operation Weserübung, which also included the invasion of Norway.

The attack took Denmark by complete surprise and even though the army had been all but demobilized and equipped with obsolete weaponry, the army never the less resisted for a few hours at the border, loosing 16 men. The Germans have never made official their casualties, but it was at least a couple of dozens.

One of the brave young soldiers was Anker Jørgensen (not in the picture) who later became Prime Minister of Denmark (and an absolute disaster at that, but that, as they say, is another story.)

Simultaneously, the airfield of Aalborg was captured by German paratroopers and Copenhagen was overrun by troops landing in the harbor. A panicky and desperate Danish government agreed to meet the capitulation terms while hearing the sounds of small-arms fire as the outnumbered Royal Guards opened up on the invaders and the droning of heavy bombers circling the capital, waiting for the orders to unleash their deadly cargo in case of any further resistance.

Denmark's status during the war was an unusual one. She wasn't annexed and neither was she fully occupied, but remained a semi-autonomous country until 1943 when the government stepped down under the pressure of an ever-growing popular resentment (and the realization that the tide of war was turning against Germany, but in '43 it was still touch an go). One of the German responses was to arrest the Danish police and sending them to Buchenwald. I mention this, because my late father was one of those unfortunates. He was miraculously saved in the last weeks of the war by Folke Bernadotte's white buses. My dad never grew tired of praising Bernadotte, certain as he was he would not have lived to see the end of the war, had he not been evacuated from the horror of the camps.

My salute on this day goes to the men who, knowing full well any fight would be futile, fought none the less.

During the German occupation, King Christian X became a
powerful symbol of national sovereignty. This image was
taken on the King's birthday in 1940. Note that he is not
accompanied by a guard (Caps: Wiki)

More on Weserübung here, and the occupation of Denmark here.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Nazi Denmark?

A week ago, Flemming Rose, the cultural editor of Jyllands-Posten received the Free Press Society's award for his decision to print the Muhammad Cartoons and for "sticking to his guns" despite receiving death-threats from islamo-fascists in the after wake as the prize comity put it.

The event did evoke a few headlines abroad, such as this one from British Guardian (log-on). A short, no-nonsense report of the fact.

However, in dhimmified Sweden the reporting was a bit different. In his speach, the chairman of the Free Press Society, Lars Hedegaard, had compared calls for Rose and Jyllands-Posten to apologise for the cartoons to those calling for appeasement towards Nazi Germany before the second world war. That remark prompted this headline in Swedish tabloid Expressen [Link in Swedish, translation mine]:
In Denmark Islam is now compared with Nazism
The journalist end his (quite neutral actually) piece by qouting one Adb al Haqq Kielan, spokesman for the "Swedish-Islamic Union".
Mr. Kielan waste no time in bringing out the old worn-out violin:
It's not like Muslims are invading Denmark with tanks. The Muslims in Denmark are a vulnerable minority and they where hurt by Flemming Rose's idea.
During WW2 Sweden received hundreds of young Danish freedom fighters on the run from Gestapo and allowed them to receive military training, they took in thousands of Danish Jews, who had been smuggled across the sound separating our two nations. Back then, Sweden stood up against the Nazis. And now when Denmark are trying to stand up against another totalitarian ideology suddenly we are the Nazis!

What the heck happened?

(See also Sappho Free Press Society's on-line mag, with links in various tongues. If able, do read the speech Hege Storhaug gave at the event. Freedom is not for frightened people. It's in Norwegian, which is very similar to Danish. Link is also here. Norway did not come out of the motoon crisis looking good.)

Hmm, Dhimmies to the left of me, Cowards to the right...