Monday, December 18, 2006

Danish Jews harrased by Muslims

I have mentioned this subject before and today Jyllands-Posten has a feature about the growing fears of the Jewish population in Danmark. (Link is a small excerpt in Danish, my translation)
By Kristoffer Pinholdt
The international tensions between Jews and Muslims are reflecting in the Danish society. Danish Jews fell intmidated by the Muslims and are afraid to reveal their identity when walking the streets of Copenhagen.

Jewish parents choose not to send their children to public schools with a large percentage of children with Muslim background, and outside the synagoge in Copenhagen the security guards are asking the attending jews to remove their scullcaps and Star of Davids before leaving the temple.

- There is a fear among Jews for the Muslim minority. They are afraid of beeing harrased psysical and verbally, says Jacques Blum, spokesman of the Mosiac Faithcommunity.

Karen Margrethe Grønlund is the scool principal at Klostervængets Skole on Nørrebro [a communnity in Copenhagen] where 93 percent of the pupils have an other ethnical background than Danish. She would like to see Jewish children attending her school. She wellcomes them, but knows they can be in for a rough time.

- We cannot remote-contrile the childrens behavoir. They cannot seperate the conflict in Palastine from what is going on in the school.Children are little parrots, who mimics the talk of the grown-ups about the Lebanon war and it was all the Jews fault again, she says.

She has once recomended to a teacher that he hid his Jewis identity for his own sake.

- It was a Jewish teacher hwo applied for a job here. I advised him not to use his Jewish-sounding name if he accepted the position He ended up saying no the the job, Karen Margrethe Grønlund say.

This is depressing. We have the Middle East conflicts re-enacted in the school yards and peacefull citicens are harrased in the the streets by Muslim sturm-troopers.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Religious terror against moderate muslims at Danish university

From friday's dead-tree edition of Jylland-Posten. Alas not online, translation is mine.

It appears that a smal group of hard-core muslim girls are terrorising the more moderate young women at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

According to Salihah Marie Fettah some of the girls have recived SMS-trheats like "You will end up in Hell if you don't wear a headscarf."

"Lately, there has been a serious debate between the students if it is permissible for a Muslim to lie to or slander al-kufar, or the infidels as they name all non-muslims. They are dividing the world into "us" and "them"", says Salihah Marie Fettah

Besides the more theoligical discussions the moderate girls are olso on the recieving end of a more direct approach from the radicals:
"It's also about the way they dress. They [the moderates] are not allowes to wear tight jeans or t-shirts or to dress in strong colors. They cannot listen to music, because the it is forbidden according to Islam. This have restrained several of the moderate girls from attending social gatherings because this group has warned against participating" Fettah said.
The scary thing is, that these radicals should by all standards be well-integrated into the Danish society. They are born and raised in Danmark, speak fluently Danish and are in the midst of a university education. And yet, they find together in some sort of Talabanish fellowship.
They do not themselves see what they are doing as bullying. They see it as a religious duty, and they believe that are actually trying so save the other girls from going to Hell.
At least one girl has quit and several others are considering to change to another study, according to Fettah.

Thankfully, Søren Askegaard, the leader of the Arabic-studies, where the problem is most visible has this to say:
It's difficult to do anything about it as it is going on in the private communication between the students. But of course, if the problem have consequenses for the students, we will have to consider how to handle it.
Thank you Mr. Dhimmi. That should set the Talibanistas straight.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Denmark has nothing to be ashamed of

Denmark has been getting a lot heat over the past years, the MSM describing her as xenophobic, borderline racist and for shutting down the borders to refugees.

Well, another myth is now shot down. (From the dead tree edition of Jyllands-Posten, apparantly not online.)

The UNHCR has published a report (PDF), which shows that Denmark is the country in Europe that takes in most refugees compared to the number of inhabitants. (Click on image to enlarge)

You will note that Denmark is ranked as #10, with the top nine all being countries in the vicinity of major conflicts. However, Denmark is listed well ahead of countries like the UK (#18) and Canada (#33)
Sweden - probably the country that have been the most indignant at Denmark - is ranking at a miserable number 17.

We are of course talking about refugees here, not immigrants (though many of the former will end up beeing the latter) wich is quite another matter. People fleeing from persecution is entitled to help, and I am actually quite proud that Denmark ranks so high on that list.

Perhaps the Swedes could be persuaded do their bit as well...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Danish troops in Afghanistan

The fiercest fighting Danish troops have been engaged in since 1864. Official estimates: at least 70 taliban who bother anyone anymore.

Damn, I'm proud of our boys.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Jews in Denmark - is there something rotten?

Efraim Zuroff, the Israel Director at the Simon Wiesenthal Center Has a piece in Jerusalem Post about the current situation of jews in Denmark at the moment:
Upon arriving in the center of Copenhagen after an absence of a few years, one can immediately sense the palpable changes in the makeup of the population. Lily-white, blond Denmark has absorbed almost 200,000 Muslim immigrants from south Asia and north Africa over the past two decades and their physical presence is fairly pronounced in the streets of the capital; whether it is women and teenagers with various head-coverings, individuals whose skin color stands out in comparison to the rest of the local population, or the numerous fast-food stands selling shishlik and/or shishkebab.

Their arrival and the growing Islamic militancy of segments of this population have led to a worrying increase in anti-Semitic incidents in a country in which such incidents were practically unthinkable a few years ago. Jewish children are often the object of taunting and harassment by Muslim neighbors and there has been increasingly strident anti-Zionist rhetoric by local Muslim leaders in response to events in the Middle East.

Med Ryggen Mod Murren
[sic!] - With our Backs to the Wall - was the name of a day-long conference on anti-Semitism which I was invited to address. It reflects the deep angst among local Jews and supporters of Israel. Held in a hall in Christianborg, the Danish parliament, the program featured presentations on a wide range of topics related to contemporary anti-Semitism worldwide, Israel-bashing and Holocaust denial; but the dominant undercurrent was one of deep concern regarding the local situation.

Zuroff got the spelling wrong on the Danish word for "the wall" - muren, but he stumbled on another, perhaps much more appropiate word - "murren" which means a low rumbling of discontent, something one would experience in the streets just before a (potentially violent) uprising.
On a visit to a friend who lives in the relatively tranquil suburb of Albertslund, my host, by no means a coward, warned me not to make eye-contact with a group of Muslim youths hanging out on a street corner on our way to his home. He also insisted on accompanying me back to my hotel since "People wearing a kippa are not necessarily safe these days in the city center."

Albertslund is not a relatively tranquil suburb [of Copenhagen] It has been a muslim ghetto for decades with very violent confrontations between the immigrants and the by now rather few Danish inhabitants.

Non the less, there is a growing problem with anti-semitism in Denmark. It is, however, a problem that is entirely rooted in the muslim population. Ethnic Danes are not jew-haters.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Egyptian poll: Denmark is second-most hostile

So, there we have it. Sorry US, you have been knocked off the throne: The Big Satan is Israel and The Little Satan is now - tadaaa - Denmark!

A poll in Egypt has revealed, that 92 percent of all egyptians agrees, that Israel is hostile toward Egypt. 60 percent agreed that Denmark is hostile, followed by Britain leaving the US at a measly fourth place!

Damn I'm proud to be Danish! More cartoons, please. And find a way to publish them on Al-Jazeera. We're heading for the gold!

And right now, the Egyptian vice minister of tourism is visiting Denmark, desperatly trying to get more Danes to spend their vacation in Egypt. In 2004, 180.000 Danes traveled to Egypt, a number that dropped to 103.000 last year.

So we may be a bunch of sacrilegious infidels, but our money doesn't smell.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Renewed hatred and lies

"Religion of tolerance" update:
From Arab Times (via Jyllands-Posten):

‘Booklet’ calls for continued boycott
KUWAIT CITY: Copies of a booklet were distributed among worshippers during the Friday prayers at many mosques around Kuwait highlighting the speech of Pope Benedict XVI. The eight-page booklet was titled ‘The stance of the devotees of the Merciful towards the Vatican Pope’s statements.’ The cover has a picture of the Pope with arms raised towards the skies, and the words Norway and Denmark written on each elbow. The Pope’s picture has the face covered with fire rising from his body and lightning striking him and the Vatican flag placed on his head.

The booklet, whose author and publisher remained anonymous, was seen by people as an attempt not only to provoke Muslims in Kuwait to continue to boycott Western products, but to increase hatred towards Christians. The booklet is divided into sections. The leaflet begins with the following: A majority of Muslims are convinced that the apologies received after the Danish cartoons mocked the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) were sufficient, so they put their minds at ease and stopped their boycott. Yet this offense was soon followed by another, when Pope Benedict XVI — father of those calling for infinity — was quoted as saying a few weeks ago, ‘Just show me what he gave the world that is new, and you will find only evil and inhuman things, such as his order to spread by the sword the faith he preached’.


The fourth section of the booklet demonstrates the continuing attacks on Islam, Muslims and the Prophet (PBUH) by Denmark. It said the Danish TV channel presented a program called ‘The Ugliest Drawing’ which is specialized in insulting Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Those who lose in this show have to wear a ‘veil’, “which is further demeaning to Muslims.” The closing chapter asks: ‘What Muslims should do?’ and this has been summarized in four points — hate those offenders, do their best to back Islam and defend its Prophet, continue boycott of Western products and pray for their destruction.

Needles to say, there has been no such TV program. Again one of those typical lies, that islamist need to spice up their hate-speach.

But if wearing a veil is "demeaning" to muslims, why to they insist on it so whole-heartedly?

Zonka has more. Damn, we think alike :-)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jyllands-Posten cleared in motoon suit

Not a real surprise, but it's allways nice to see the system work. Jylland-Posten, the paper that printed the motoons was acquitted today of racism in a civil lawsuit filed by among others The travelling Imams from the Islamic Faith Community.

From the Copenhagen Post:
Two editors of Jyllands-Posten newspaper have been acquitted of racism charges stemming from its publication of 12 drawings of the prophet Mohammed in September 2005.

Seven Muslim organisations had charged editor in chief Carsten Juste and culture editor Flemming Rose with racism in civil suit.

The court said the organisations had not proven that the drawings or the accompanying articles had intentionally offended Muslims.

The decision is the third time the Muslim organisations have had their efforts to have the newspaper charged with racism turned down by the courts. They will appeal today's decision.
Appealing is fine, that's how things are done in a civilized society. You use the law and the system if you have a grievance. Perhaps the imams have learnt something.

Then again, maybe not. The Post missed out on this bit in Jyllands-Posten's mention of the matter: (Link in Danish, my trans.)
Imam Abu Laban and Kasem Ahmad from Islamic Faith Community will later thursday comment the verdict on Al-Jazeera.
That should be interesting.
"We respect the verdict, but we do not understand it and we do not understand why the muslim minority isn't better protected in Denmark, says spokesman Kasem Ahmad to Jyllands-Posten.

He expects the verdict to create unrest in the islamic world. However, he doesn't believe the court's decision will lead to violent reaction.
Now isn't that nice of him. Unrest but no violence. I guess that will depend on what he tells Al-Jazeera.

Update: Western Resistance has more, with more links than I could be bothered to dig up. Do go read it.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Prison imam fired

In my previous post I discussed some of the merrits of Abu Bashar, one of the traveling imams and prison-imam in Nyborg State Prison. Well, it seems the authorities has finally have had enough of him. He has now been sacked from Nyborg State Prison, officially due to cutbacks, unofficially because he radicalized young muslim inmates.

From the Danish paper 24timer (link in Danish PDF. My translation):

The controversial prison imam Abu Bashar has been fired. Officially the explanation is that the prisons need to save millions, and that the choise have been made to lay off the imam by january 31. next year.
But high ranking sources in Nyborg Prison has told 24timer that the cutback's has been a more than wellcome excuse to get rid of the imam. According to the sources he has been "spred propaganda against the West" and "encouraged Jihad" on the friday sermons in the prison where one out of three inmate is a muslim.

"He is not a civil servant can therefore be laid off faster. Because of the latest cutbacks we have thus decided to close the job as we are not legally obligated to have an iman employed," says warden Arne Thornvig Christensen.(...)

Abu Bashar is of course calling his dismissal "political" (what did he expect?) and swears he's just doing his job de-radicalizing muslim inmates.

Right, that makes sense...

"I convert radical muslims into positiv muslims. There can not be a muslim who doesn't like me," says the fired imam Abu Bashar, who has been working for four years at Nyborg State Prison. (Photo: Carsten Andreasen. Caption: 24timer)

Nyborg State Prison is holding some of Denmark's most dangerous and professional criminals, including several Hells Angels hitmen. And a third of the inmates are muslims? Not bad for a country with an overall muslim minority of about five percent.

I mean, you're not sent to Nyborg just for running a red light.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Who is this Imam?

There is something fishy going on here. Either that or the Danish Intelligence Service is dhimmitized at the top.

Tuesday night at two a.m. the police arrested nine young men in the ghetto Vollsmose in Odense, Demnark's third largest city. The men, aged from 17 to 33 are all muslims (one is a Danish convert) are suspected of planning a terrorist action and the police believed an attack was eminent. After a 12 hour long preliminary hearing the low court judge imprisoned two of the defendants for four weeks (that was appealled by the defence) and opheld the arrest of five others for three days, while two where released..

So far so good. Now here's the strange part: Police say they informed the leading imam in Vollsmose just prior to the operation and that he was present at some of the arrests.
(I suppose the next time the cops crack down on organized crime, say the Hells Angels, they'll wake up the Bishop of Copenhagen in the middle of the the night and have him present at the arrests. Then again, probably not. But I digress.)

Now, this cleric is not just anybody. His name is Mohamad Al-Khaled Samha, also known as Abu Bashar. He works as a prison imam in the maximum security prison Nyborg Statsfængsel, and is known for his radical views on Islam. (Rumor has it that the prison is in effect taken over by the muslim inmates, but I don't have the contacts to confirm that.) Bashar was born in Syria and has spent the last 12 years in Denmark and have gained Danish citizenship.

He is a leading member of The Islamic Faith Community and was one of the Travelling Imams who through their lies and desceptions sparked the Mohammed cartoon-crisis earlier this year. He showed the infamous "Pig Picture" as "proof" of the apartheitnesque enviroment in Denmark.

There is some sort of link between him and the German would-be train bombers: Abu Bashar's phone number was stored on one of the German suspects cellphone and he had a train ticket to Odense, when he was apprehended in Kiel, a few miles from the Danish border. Danish Intelligence Service (PET) dismisses any connection between the Germans and the arrests in Denmark. Abu Bashar says he have not been questioned by PET on the issue, and that his "number is in the book and anyone can look it up"!

The day before the Odense arrests he stated that Denmark is a natural target for terror because of the Motoons and the Danish presence in Iraq. (Link in Danish)
I worry that a terror-atack might be targeted at Denmark because there are Danish soldiers in Iraq and I worry what Al-Qaida might do if Denmark does not pull the troops home.
I may be paranoid, but that sounds a lot like a go-ahead order to me.

So, summing up, what we have here is a man who has commited high treason by travelling through the Mid-east showing off false cartoons in order to stir up trouble against his new homeland (he should have tried doing that to his old homeland, Syria; Assad would have him in front of a firing squad within 24 hours. But then of course Bashir knows that.) He's somehow linked to a terrorist plot in Germany, if nothing else one of the terrorists knew him. He knows some of the arrested suspects in Odense, he was even present at their arrest, he is rumoured to de facto run the prison in Nyborg which is holding some of the most hard-core criminals in Denmark, and he is a well-known islamist.

And yet he is the very man PET chooses to cooperate with
when he really should be locked up somewhere in a lightened cell, being forced to listening to Whigfield until he cracks! (personally I would would spill the beans within five minutes if I had to listen to Whigfield. I'm more of a Stones-man myself.)

So why is PET in bed with this scumbag? Perhaps it's part of some kind of divide-and-conquor strategy. One can only hope so.

Another dead president

From the Danish blog Polimiken.

Now, that's a movie I'd watch!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Europe - an old whore

Jyllands-Posten [Link in Danish] brings an excellent op-ed by Bent Jensen professor in history (an expert on Soviet totalitarism) and renowned debator in Denmark especially on the dangers of Islamism.
A few abstract's in my humble translation:

European politicians are allways babling about "the conflict in the Middle-East" as if there was only this one conflict between Israel and the islamists. They have spoken so long and the media have been so one-sided that many - including Danes - apparently believes that Israel is the greatest threat to world peace.
The EU or "Europe's" policy in this part of the world is apalling. Danish companies such as the infamous Arla are signing deals with islamist states, promising that they will boycot Israel in return for selling thier products to nations determined to whipe out Israel. The Danish goverment and the EU sends billions to support regimes that day in and day out through newspapers, magazines, schoolbooks, radio and tv spreads darkened anti-semitism. Israeli and jews - islamist's doesn't destinguish - are decribed as traitors and the jewish nation as a cancer, the root cause of all the disasters in the world.

Danish politicians are participating in rallies where the machinegun banner of Hizbollh is flying. Right now, the Danish goverment is spending millions on a project that under the clishé's "Dialogue" and "bridge-building" really is nothing more than sucking-up and submission to islamist's regimes demanding that Israel should be outcasted.
Bent Jensen is referring to an ongoing festival, Images of the Middle East" in Denmark. It is partly sponsored by the Danish state, partly by private sponsors. The organizers came under criticism when they published an anthology. The Saudi sponsor demanded that no Israeli writers should be represented, and the festival caved in, their exscuse littereraly being that it was a choise between no Israel or no book and that it would be "a shame" not to publish the book.
The islamists calls the US and Israel The Great Satan and The Little Satan. At least some respect lies within these names. After all one fears Satan. I wonder what they will call the "Europe" that, like and old whore lies on her back and lets herself be raped by Islam?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Danish naval ship may be sent to Lebanon

From Berlingske Tidende

Denmark might contribute with a Korvet if asked to participate in a UN-force, supposed to ophold the cease-fire in Lebanon.

If Denmark is to contribute, it is most likely that the navy get's the task, and that it will be solved by sending a korvet to patrol the Lebanese coast to stop gunrunning by sea.

That is the expectation in the administration, since the army is already stretched out with soldiers stationed in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The opposition want the Danish troops in Iraq pulled out and deployed in Lebanon instead, but that idea is rejected by the goverment.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Another "honor" case in Denmark

Danish police have charged three persons of foreign background with threats and kidnapping of a 24-year old female family member, Berlingske Tidende reports (link in Danish). The police believe the girl was kidnapped by her father and is now being held against her will in Syria.

The charged are the girl's mother, her brother-in-law and her ex-husband - who also happens to be her cousin. The family wanted to force the girl to resume married life with her ex-husband/cousin.

The mother is among other things charged, together with her husband, of assaulting the girl on a daily basis and threatening her with a gun. The girl was kept locked up in the familie's apartment in Slagelse from the the spring of 2005 to june 2006.

The girl was then kidnapped to Lebanon and on august 2 forced to Syria.

After several hours of preliminary hearing the prosecuter had to release the family, but the charges are upheld.

This happened in the same town that witnessed the the brutal murder in broad daylight of the 18-year old Ghazala Khan in another so-called "honor" crime.

18-year old Ghazala Khan is gunned down
along with her husband by her own brother
in Slagelse, Denmark last year

If you look at the dates, I don't think it's a coincidence that the girl in question was abductet to Lebanon in June 2006, the very month the Ghazala-trial was taking place, ending with very severe sentenses to nine persons.

After the guilty-as-charged verdict by the jury in the Ghazala-case, Manu Sareen, an integration consultant in Copenhagen said:
'This verdict will send shockwaves through all of Europe, and I'm sure that it will have a preventive effect,' said Sareen. 'Crimes such as 'honour killings' don't stop from one day to the next, but this is a clear signal.'
Not clear enough, one might add.

I'll keep an eye on this story and post any developments.

Poll: "Massive Danish support for Israel"

Good news update:

Berlingske Tidende a large Danish paper has asked Gallup to conduct a poll (link in Danish) on public opinion in Denmark on the outgoing conflict in the Mideast.

It turns out that Israel have great support in the Danish population. (my translation):
The Danes give Israel a firm pat in the back in a new poll concerning the now four-week long war against the Hizbollah militia. 57 percent thinks Hizbollah is to blame for the conflict, while only 37 percent points the finger at Israel.

At the same time nearly half of the Danes - or 48 percent - declare that their sympthies lies with Israel, while the Hizbollah is only backed up by 7 percent, most of whom also vote for the left.

Like I always said: Danes are a sensible people.

(Those able to read Danish can also se my Danish blog on the subject.)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Why we are in Afghanistan

The Danish daily Berlingske Tidende prints a moral booster of an editorial (link in Danish) after a Danish soldier was severly wounded wednesday after being shot in the head and chest. He has since been brought back to Denmark and is still in a coma.

The piece headlined Ethics are good - Politics are better is of course directed at Danish readers, but it could easely be applied to anyone with fellow countrymen fighting in mountains and the desserts. This in an excerpt (my translation):

The sad news of the first seriously wounded Danish soldier from the NATO-force in Afghanistan naturally makes many ponder what Danish soldiers are even doing there. Why is Denmark at war in Afghanistan and other places? That is not only a relevant question, it is a good question, but the answer is not blowing in the wind. For there is an answer.

The war in Afghanistan is a consekvense of 9/11 and the new realization that the western civilization has mortal enimies. This cannot be said too often. Someone out there hates us - our values, our life style, our ironic-sarcastic mentality - even to the extent, that they will do anything in their power to kill or hurt us and our interests.

The easiest thing in the world is to pass UN-resolutions, demanding armistice here and now. But then what? The hardest thing to do is to make a realistic attempt using realistic means. And that is what Denmark and her allies are doing in Afghanistan.

If foreign politics only where a question of morals as some seem to think, then foreign policy would exclusively be about showing the most shining morality. But foreign policy is a mix of moral and realism, ends and means and without the latter, we would be at the mercy of those bragging of their superiour ethics.

Instead of the countless people flying the colors of ethics, we need more democratic goverments realizing that peace does not come through prayers, meek hopes or petitions, but raher through the showing of true guts and political skills.

Denmark have troops in Afghanistan and Iraq because the Danish goverment has realized that we cannot sit and wait for our enimies to come to us. Call it self-defence, call it preemption - it is realism in the form of concrete action, and we owe our soldiers our respect and our gratitude.

Amen to that!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Danish troops in Afghanistan under fire

From today's Berlingske Tidende (Link in Danish):

Presumed Taliban insurgents [sic!] fired upon the the Danish force in Afghanistan with handguns and mortars, the Danish Army reported.

The Danish troops at Musa Qala in southern Afghanistan requested air support from the international forces in the country.

During the air strike a building used a a mosque was hit and destroyed. No civilian causualties were reported, according to the Danish Army.

The possibility of a cooperation about rebuilding
[the mosque] is already being discussed with the local counsel.
This happened just two days after the Danes had arrived at the Helman province.
Yesterday the troops also came under fire:
The day after the Danish soldiers arrived in the troubled Helman provinse it came under attac.
According to the Army, a reccon squad came under fire outside their camp at Musa Qala.The patrol returned to the camp, which was subsequently fired upon with hand weapond, grenade launchers and mortars.

The enemy fire was returned, and air-support was called in.

No soldiers where injured in the firefight, the first since the arrival on Wednesday.

Before the Danish force arrived at Musa Qala it was repeatedly attacked by Taliban forces, and three soldiers where wounded when their vehicel hit a landmine during the advance into southern Afghanistan.

Denmark have some 300 troops in Afghanistan as part af the NATO force staioned there.

Monday, July 24, 2006

More on the Hitzb rally in CHP- beating up infidels

From an article in Sappho a Danish magazine founded by the Freedom of print Society, a group of well-respected writers and commentators in Denmark, concerned of the growing islamo-fascism in Europe. They are therefore not all that respected by the intellectual establishment in Denmark.
The original article can be found here (in Danish.)(pix from Sappho, captions are mine.)

"The anti-semetic feelings was vented freely during the rally friday in Copenhagen. It was also the first time supporters of Hitzb ut-Tahrir openly attacked stand-byers. On july 21 in Copenhagen there was three [not just two as I reported in my last post] rallies regarding the escalated conflict in the Middle East. One demonstration supporting the right for Israel to defend itself, and two turning against Israel. One of theese demonstrations was arranged by Hitzb ut-Tahrir, the other by the Danish extreme left. In both theese rallies, flags where flying with the Star of David replaced by the nazi swastica, as well as the banner of Hezbollah."

Even though the rallies was conducted in mainly a peaceful manner, the violent rethorics of the Hitzb ut-Tahrir inflamed some of their followers:

"Shortly after the [Hitzb] rally had started moving the Sappho photografer had to seek shelter in a shop after been attacked by four young Hitbz ut-Tahrir followers who threatened to beat him up him and smash hos camera. Only the resolute reaction of the shop staff and the police prevented [further damage]

The second attack occured in a bus when a man, who had attended the pro-Israel rally was mugged. He had a Danish and an Israeli flag in a plastic shopping bag, and that apperantly was enough to provoke an "arabic-looking man" to beat him up and try to choke him.

"Non of the shocked passengers in the overcrowded bus had the wits or the courage to interfere, except for one foreign man [*] who saved the man from further harm.
The driver succeeded in blocking the doors, so the attacker could be arrested by police rushing to the scene."

A Zionist agent giving his statement to a
Danish police officer after he was attacked on a bus

Moonbats in Copenhagen

It is extremly worrying, that an openly fascist organisation like the Hitzb ut-Tahrir can virtualy claim the streets of Copenhagen, rallying hundreds of potentially violent followers. It's worrying, that someone can get attacked in a crowded bus for carrying an Israeli flag in a bag and no one dares to to do anything!

In the 1920's a bunch of moonbats sat in a Beerstube and everybody shook thier heads at those idiots, until one day the most outspoken critics didn't have a head to shake and everyone else found it best to "go along".

We really ought to know better by now.

The original text describes the man as of
of non-Danish ethniticity, which is really a silly way of describing anyone not being white.
I know it sounds like something you'll be hearing in places like Bosnia or South Africa, but so far that's the concensus in the press to describe anyone non-white
in a political correct manner. The brave gentleman could be Chinese, Arab or Cherokee, I have no way of knowing.

I have mailed Sappho about the man of non-Danish ethnicity and recieved a kind answer From Helle Merete Brix, on of the authors of the article. The man in question was of Mid-East origin.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Two worlds in Copenhagen

No less than two demonstrations where held in Copenhagen this afternoon. One that supported Israel, and another called on by Hitzb ut-tahrir, an organisation incredibly enough still not outlawed by the Danish authorities.

The Danish blogger Steen from Snaphanen was at the pro-Israel meeting outside the Danish parlament.

As You can see, not exactly a great turn-out, but then again a peaceful and dignified gathering.

The banners says: "Fight Terror, Support Israel." The statue is that of King Frederick VII, who willingly gave up his absolutist powers in 1848, thereby allowing Denmark to evolve peacefully into a democracy.

Less than a kilometer away, at the same time, at a rally called by the Hizb ut-Tahrir in the Town Square:

(Pix from Thomas Lønbæk who have posted many more. Check them out.

You will notice the gentleman on the poster.

It's hard to see on this reproduction, but the text on the plackard in the background reads: "Where is the Army of the Muslims?" indicating that the poor Arab world is defenseless against the overwhelming might of Israel.

I hope I'm not revealing any millitary secrets here, but perhaps the Muslim Army is somewhere around here:

On a side note, the Hizb's flier for the rally against Israel reads: "Stop the Jew state's terror and crimes in Lebanon and Palaestine"

No, not the "Jewish state" but the "Jew state", the way one might expect Heinrich Himmler to refer to Israel had it existed in his time.

No doubt, he is proud of his new followers.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Danish flag is back in the Mid-East

This Edititorial (Link in Danish) is from today's Jyllands-Posten about the evacuation of thousands of foreign nationals from Lebanon, amongst those some 4500 Danish nationals. (My translation):

"Dannebrog [the name of the Danish flag] is again visible in the Mid-East. Busses evacuating Danish citizens from Lebanon are decorated with it. Danes with Lebanese or Palastinian passports wraps themselves in it to show what values they stand for through their Danish citizenship.

All but forgotten is the well orchestrated, hysterical scenes during the climax of theMohammed-crisis when Dannebrog was spat upon and burnt for the benefit of the international media.

Dannebrog represents all the best in the Danish values - openness, tolerance, security, decency. Amidst the many personal tragedies in Beirut and Lebanon it is refreshing to find renewed evidens that the hatred back then was only casual and passing simply because it was so well staged.

One can use this opportunity to ask why so many here [in Denmark] where so willing to assume that the international credibility of Denmark suffered a major drawback. The truth after all, is that the credibility of Denmark did not suffer in the slightest, indeed amongst some of our most importent partners - especially the US - our bold attitude in the defense of freedom of speach actually strenghed our position.

Flag burnings says more about the arsonists that of the flag. But never the less, it is nice to see Dannebrog back, also in the Middle East."


I guess it is nice to see the Danish flag beeing used in the way it was intended: A banner for those believing in freedom to rally under.

Then again, I wonder when and where the Zippo lighters will come out next.
Well, not en route to Denmark, I'll wager you!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Arab media: Racist Danish Queen behind the Motoons

A few weeks ago some 55.000 pages af files and documents regarding the Muhammed Crisis were declassified by the Danish Foreign ministry. As a result, journalists are now digging up stories of what really happened in the Mideast and why things got so out of hand.

This [link need subscription] is from the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten, the paper that originally posted the cartoons. (My translation):

The evil Queen of the Danes

From a simple statement to misconceptions, exaggerations and direct manipulation. That is how the story was born, that in reality it was Queen Margrethe who was behind the Muhammed-cartoons.

By Kim Hundevadt and John Hansen

Queen Margrethe was the great villain behind the Dane's malicious campaign against islam and muslims, culminating with the 12 drawings of the prophet in Jyllands-Posten.

It was her who set things in motion when she, in the spring of 2005, called on her people to resist islam and oppose the country's muslim minority.

This fantastic disclosure was printed in numerous media in the islamic world when the Mohammed-crisis peaked in february with the burning of flags and embassies.

Two examples from arabic newspapers were at that time refered to in the Danish media, but documents in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which the press and the public now has gained access to, shows that the stories about the evil and islamophobic Queen of the Danes reached a far greater circulation than assumed up to now.

The stories probably also helped legitimize that the boycot-actions and demonstrations was not only targeted at the impertinent newspaper, but against an entire nation, because it was now documented that the insult came from the highest place.

It began with a small but importent error in a translation: In the book "Margrethe" published in april 2005, the Queen talked to journalist and writer Annelise Bistrup about the totalitarian side of islam, which she found frightening.

"A response must be shown and sometimes one have to take the risk of being labeled in a less flattering way. For there are some things one cannot be tolerant about", the Queen said. The first reaction from Danish muslims was actually positiv:
"That was the right thing for the Queen to say," imam Abdul Wahid Pedersen stated. "We must challenge each other on religion. There is no better way to find tolerence than by meeting one another."

However, the story was also picked up by the foreign news agencies in Denmark. Reuters made a soft translation of the Queens remark: »A certain response must be shown,« was Reuters version of the sentense. The American agency AP tightened it quite a bit: »Resistance must sometimes be shown (to religious fanatics).« But the French bureau, AFP gave it all they got: »We have to show our opposition to Islam,« the Danish Queen was cited for saying.

A Berlin correspondent from the British paper, The Daily Telegraph, apparently saw the AFP's wire as a confirmation of her own view on Danmark as a xenophobic country and therefore gave the story an extra layer:

"Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has said her country needs to find a "counter-balance" [*] to Islamic fundamentalism, regardless of the opprobium such a stance provokes abroad.The Danish government has already been accused of fuelling xenophobia by introducing measures which effectively closed the country to asylum-seekers.

But in overtly political passages from an official biography published yesterday Queen Margrethe makes comments certain to complicate her nation's relationship with Muslims," The Daily Telegraph wrote.

Via the pan-arabian London based paper, Al-Hayat, this version reached the islamic world where it was cited in a few media - though without having any significant effect. But more than nine months later, when the cartoon crisis was nearing a dramatic peak it resurfaced from the archives. The Saudi paper, Saudi Gazette set the stage with a highly exposed article on january 30 based on the piece in The Daily Telegraph, Te Gazette announced that the drawings had been part of a larger pattern, involving an islamophobic goverment and Queen.

Racist Queen

Now the story really broke. Documents in the Foreign Ministry shows that Danish embassies in the following days found it in a number of versions in the Arab press. They tried in several cases to correct the most wildly exaggerations, but the more times it was told, the worse it got, and the more the rethoric was heated up.

Akhbar Al-youm in Egypt asserted february 1 that the Queen was actually behind the cartoons because she had called Islam a threat and had encouraged the Danish goverment not to show tolerance towards Islam.

The next day Al Watan i Saudi Arabia hinted, that the Queen was not only islamophbic but also racist. She had among other things: "encouraged her right-wing goverment not to show any tolerence towards the muslim minority."

An angry comment under the Hamlet-inspired headline, "There is something rotten in the state of Denmark" was printed in the large English-langueged paper, Arab News, was put on Al Jazeera's home page.

War against Islam

A no less angry commentator established in the Sausi Gazette that Jyllands-Posten was taking part in deliberate plan, supported by Queen Margrethe, who had requested her subjects to show intolerance.

By now, it had been established as an absolut fact, that the Queen and the goverment was cahooting in a great conspiracy against Islam and muslims.

The story was picked up in Indonesia by the paper Repubilca on february 7, causing furious muslims, among them members of the extrem organization Hitzb ut Tahrir to take to the streets in the capitol of Jakarta to demand an appology. A spokesman for the organiztion told the AFP that when one first had heard the Queens remarks and then seen the drawings, one had proof that this was a war against Islam.

The large Tyrkish paper, Milliyet did not take the matter lightly either, and on the large islamic news service IslamOnline a commentator sort of wrapped things up on february 14:
The boycot against Denmark was not simply caused by a single paper printing some drawings insulting the prophet. It was caused by a national attitude towards Islam, he explained and pointed three things out:
  1. Queen Margrethe had published a book in which she criticized the muslims.
  2. The Danish prime minister had three times since the printing of the cartoons described muslims as: "The scum of people".
  3. A number of newspapers had printet articles criticizing Islam and muslims.

The commentator also wrote, that the boycot was working because half the Danish agricultural exports went to Saudi -Arabia, and he stated that in the matter at hand, Denmark had offended muslims more than the US had ever did, as all danes were bragging about the ridicule of the prophet.

Helle Lykke Nielsen, head of the Center for Middel East Studies at the University of Southern Denmark are not suprised the story about the Evil Queen.
"It is a natural reaction from people living in authoritaerian societies that everything comes from above. The higher the reponsibility can be placed, the more things make sense. Of course the Queen have to part and parcel with the islamophobic goverment and the paper that printed the drawings. When she is found to be mixed up in the whole affair it blends in with the views people allready have. That is what conspiraty-theories are made of", says Helle Lykke Nielsen.


The Telegraph notes on its online edition of the story that: In the original version of this story, relying on a translation provided by an international news agency, the Telegraph quoted Queen Margrethe as saying "We have to show our opposition to Islam". But the correct translation should be "counter-balance". The story was re-published on Feb 16, 2006 to reflect that.

So the Telegraph got cold feet in the midst of the crisis, perhaps (hopefully) realising the implications of Hannah Cleaver's piece.
Personally I find the word "response" more than suitable. After all, Her Majesty did not call for a new crusade, she simply hinted that the muslim immigrants should pay a little more respect to their new home country. The "increep" of islamic values in society is creating a subsonic and ever growing rumble of resistance within the native Danish population. Something is going to snap sooner or later unless we put our foot down and draw the line. Give Our "response" so to speak.

Zonka has also done some translation of the JP-article