Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Danish flag is back in the Mid-East

This Edititorial (Link in Danish) is from today's Jyllands-Posten about the evacuation of thousands of foreign nationals from Lebanon, amongst those some 4500 Danish nationals. (My translation):

"Dannebrog [the name of the Danish flag] is again visible in the Mid-East. Busses evacuating Danish citizens from Lebanon are decorated with it. Danes with Lebanese or Palastinian passports wraps themselves in it to show what values they stand for through their Danish citizenship.

All but forgotten is the well orchestrated, hysterical scenes during the climax of theMohammed-crisis when Dannebrog was spat upon and burnt for the benefit of the international media.

Dannebrog represents all the best in the Danish values - openness, tolerance, security, decency. Amidst the many personal tragedies in Beirut and Lebanon it is refreshing to find renewed evidens that the hatred back then was only casual and passing simply because it was so well staged.

One can use this opportunity to ask why so many here [in Denmark] where so willing to assume that the international credibility of Denmark suffered a major drawback. The truth after all, is that the credibility of Denmark did not suffer in the slightest, indeed amongst some of our most importent partners - especially the US - our bold attitude in the defense of freedom of speach actually strenghed our position.

Flag burnings says more about the arsonists that of the flag. But never the less, it is nice to see Dannebrog back, also in the Middle East."


I guess it is nice to see the Danish flag beeing used in the way it was intended: A banner for those believing in freedom to rally under.

Then again, I wonder when and where the Zippo lighters will come out next.
Well, not en route to Denmark, I'll wager you!

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