Friday, July 21, 2006

Two worlds in Copenhagen

No less than two demonstrations where held in Copenhagen this afternoon. One that supported Israel, and another called on by Hitzb ut-tahrir, an organisation incredibly enough still not outlawed by the Danish authorities.

The Danish blogger Steen from Snaphanen was at the pro-Israel meeting outside the Danish parlament.

As You can see, not exactly a great turn-out, but then again a peaceful and dignified gathering.

The banners says: "Fight Terror, Support Israel." The statue is that of King Frederick VII, who willingly gave up his absolutist powers in 1848, thereby allowing Denmark to evolve peacefully into a democracy.

Less than a kilometer away, at the same time, at a rally called by the Hizb ut-Tahrir in the Town Square:

(Pix from Thomas Lønbæk who have posted many more. Check them out.

You will notice the gentleman on the poster.

It's hard to see on this reproduction, but the text on the plackard in the background reads: "Where is the Army of the Muslims?" indicating that the poor Arab world is defenseless against the overwhelming might of Israel.

I hope I'm not revealing any millitary secrets here, but perhaps the Muslim Army is somewhere around here:

On a side note, the Hizb's flier for the rally against Israel reads: "Stop the Jew state's terror and crimes in Lebanon and Palaestine"

No, not the "Jewish state" but the "Jew state", the way one might expect Heinrich Himmler to refer to Israel had it existed in his time.

No doubt, he is proud of his new followers.


Anonymous said...

There are many more pictures from both demos at the address below:

Mikael said...


Well, I would be quite wretched to object, eh... :-)


BTW, have you seen the first commentater Safia's site? Is that dude for real or am I irony challenged?

Mikael said...

OK, seems like I'm irony challenged.
Never underestimate an other mans sense of humor!