Sunday, October 29, 2006

Renewed hatred and lies

"Religion of tolerance" update:
From Arab Times (via Jyllands-Posten):

‘Booklet’ calls for continued boycott
KUWAIT CITY: Copies of a booklet were distributed among worshippers during the Friday prayers at many mosques around Kuwait highlighting the speech of Pope Benedict XVI. The eight-page booklet was titled ‘The stance of the devotees of the Merciful towards the Vatican Pope’s statements.’ The cover has a picture of the Pope with arms raised towards the skies, and the words Norway and Denmark written on each elbow. The Pope’s picture has the face covered with fire rising from his body and lightning striking him and the Vatican flag placed on his head.

The booklet, whose author and publisher remained anonymous, was seen by people as an attempt not only to provoke Muslims in Kuwait to continue to boycott Western products, but to increase hatred towards Christians. The booklet is divided into sections. The leaflet begins with the following: A majority of Muslims are convinced that the apologies received after the Danish cartoons mocked the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) were sufficient, so they put their minds at ease and stopped their boycott. Yet this offense was soon followed by another, when Pope Benedict XVI — father of those calling for infinity — was quoted as saying a few weeks ago, ‘Just show me what he gave the world that is new, and you will find only evil and inhuman things, such as his order to spread by the sword the faith he preached’.


The fourth section of the booklet demonstrates the continuing attacks on Islam, Muslims and the Prophet (PBUH) by Denmark. It said the Danish TV channel presented a program called ‘The Ugliest Drawing’ which is specialized in insulting Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Those who lose in this show have to wear a ‘veil’, “which is further demeaning to Muslims.” The closing chapter asks: ‘What Muslims should do?’ and this has been summarized in four points — hate those offenders, do their best to back Islam and defend its Prophet, continue boycott of Western products and pray for their destruction.

Needles to say, there has been no such TV program. Again one of those typical lies, that islamist need to spice up their hate-speach.

But if wearing a veil is "demeaning" to muslims, why to they insist on it so whole-heartedly?

Zonka has more. Damn, we think alike :-)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jyllands-Posten cleared in motoon suit

Not a real surprise, but it's allways nice to see the system work. Jylland-Posten, the paper that printed the motoons was acquitted today of racism in a civil lawsuit filed by among others The travelling Imams from the Islamic Faith Community.

From the Copenhagen Post:
Two editors of Jyllands-Posten newspaper have been acquitted of racism charges stemming from its publication of 12 drawings of the prophet Mohammed in September 2005.

Seven Muslim organisations had charged editor in chief Carsten Juste and culture editor Flemming Rose with racism in civil suit.

The court said the organisations had not proven that the drawings or the accompanying articles had intentionally offended Muslims.

The decision is the third time the Muslim organisations have had their efforts to have the newspaper charged with racism turned down by the courts. They will appeal today's decision.
Appealing is fine, that's how things are done in a civilized society. You use the law and the system if you have a grievance. Perhaps the imams have learnt something.

Then again, maybe not. The Post missed out on this bit in Jyllands-Posten's mention of the matter: (Link in Danish, my trans.)
Imam Abu Laban and Kasem Ahmad from Islamic Faith Community will later thursday comment the verdict on Al-Jazeera.
That should be interesting.
"We respect the verdict, but we do not understand it and we do not understand why the muslim minority isn't better protected in Denmark, says spokesman Kasem Ahmad to Jyllands-Posten.

He expects the verdict to create unrest in the islamic world. However, he doesn't believe the court's decision will lead to violent reaction.
Now isn't that nice of him. Unrest but no violence. I guess that will depend on what he tells Al-Jazeera.

Update: Western Resistance has more, with more links than I could be bothered to dig up. Do go read it.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Prison imam fired

In my previous post I discussed some of the merrits of Abu Bashar, one of the traveling imams and prison-imam in Nyborg State Prison. Well, it seems the authorities has finally have had enough of him. He has now been sacked from Nyborg State Prison, officially due to cutbacks, unofficially because he radicalized young muslim inmates.

From the Danish paper 24timer (link in Danish PDF. My translation):

The controversial prison imam Abu Bashar has been fired. Officially the explanation is that the prisons need to save millions, and that the choise have been made to lay off the imam by january 31. next year.
But high ranking sources in Nyborg Prison has told 24timer that the cutback's has been a more than wellcome excuse to get rid of the imam. According to the sources he has been "spred propaganda against the West" and "encouraged Jihad" on the friday sermons in the prison where one out of three inmate is a muslim.

"He is not a civil servant can therefore be laid off faster. Because of the latest cutbacks we have thus decided to close the job as we are not legally obligated to have an iman employed," says warden Arne Thornvig Christensen.(...)

Abu Bashar is of course calling his dismissal "political" (what did he expect?) and swears he's just doing his job de-radicalizing muslim inmates.

Right, that makes sense...

"I convert radical muslims into positiv muslims. There can not be a muslim who doesn't like me," says the fired imam Abu Bashar, who has been working for four years at Nyborg State Prison. (Photo: Carsten Andreasen. Caption: 24timer)

Nyborg State Prison is holding some of Denmark's most dangerous and professional criminals, including several Hells Angels hitmen. And a third of the inmates are muslims? Not bad for a country with an overall muslim minority of about five percent.

I mean, you're not sent to Nyborg just for running a red light.