Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jyllands-Posten cleared in motoon suit

Not a real surprise, but it's allways nice to see the system work. Jylland-Posten, the paper that printed the motoons was acquitted today of racism in a civil lawsuit filed by among others The travelling Imams from the Islamic Faith Community.

From the Copenhagen Post:
Two editors of Jyllands-Posten newspaper have been acquitted of racism charges stemming from its publication of 12 drawings of the prophet Mohammed in September 2005.

Seven Muslim organisations had charged editor in chief Carsten Juste and culture editor Flemming Rose with racism in civil suit.

The court said the organisations had not proven that the drawings or the accompanying articles had intentionally offended Muslims.

The decision is the third time the Muslim organisations have had their efforts to have the newspaper charged with racism turned down by the courts. They will appeal today's decision.
Appealing is fine, that's how things are done in a civilized society. You use the law and the system if you have a grievance. Perhaps the imams have learnt something.

Then again, maybe not. The Post missed out on this bit in Jyllands-Posten's mention of the matter: (Link in Danish, my trans.)
Imam Abu Laban and Kasem Ahmad from Islamic Faith Community will later thursday comment the verdict on Al-Jazeera.
That should be interesting.
"We respect the verdict, but we do not understand it and we do not understand why the muslim minority isn't better protected in Denmark, says spokesman Kasem Ahmad to Jyllands-Posten.

He expects the verdict to create unrest in the islamic world. However, he doesn't believe the court's decision will lead to violent reaction.
Now isn't that nice of him. Unrest but no violence. I guess that will depend on what he tells Al-Jazeera.

Update: Western Resistance has more, with more links than I could be bothered to dig up. Do go read it.