Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ransom demand from pirates

8 Million DKK to be exact (1.5 million USD).

It's been 50 days since the caper of the Danish freighter Danica White was boarded by Somali pirates in international waters off the coast of Somalia.

The five Danish crew members where forced to sail the vessel into Somali waters, where they have been held hostage ever since.

It has now been published that the kidnappers have demanded 8M DKK for the release of the ship an her crew.

Problem is, the shipping company doesn't have that kind of money according to Danish TV2 (link in Danish.)

The company has major debts and only have around 1.5 million kroner in the cash registry. And the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not fork out for fear of encouraging more piracy.

So the company can't pay and the Danish State won't. Which leaves a third option: Send a group of Danish SEALS and make an example. Next time a pirate captain sees a vessel with a Danish flag he'll back off. Not worth your life!

Wishful thinking! Not that it couldn't be done. Here is some footage from a rescue drill a few years ago. (wmv 2:42) They even have a dog with them. How cool is that? :-)