Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodness gracious me

Well, this is it. As of today I'm now officially half a century old!

Strange feeling actually, but I guess that's a path we all have to go down. Then again, some Sunday mornings I feel like I'm a 100, so I guess reaching 50 isn't all that bad!

Anyway, happy new year to the reader out there (you know who you are.)

And may it be a prosperous and happy one! I'll drink to that.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Al Gore's Christmas Global Warming song

'Nuff said. Now it's time to get into the Christmas spirit.

H/T to Swedish blogger Every Kind of People

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Boobs fine with Glowball Wormening

Thank God! At least there's something good about Climate Change: It would seem that women's tits cope well with warming.

Not sure why, but the science is settled, and that's good enough for me. Who am I to dispute the findings of settled researchers?

UPDATE: Darn, next time I quote a headline, perhaps I should actually read the article first.

Sorry lads, no titties to be seen here, move along now.

(Via Warmlist)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Point taken (I think)

Funny thing about blogging.

Sometimes you get technoratied to sites you would never expect.

For instance, my post a few days ago spawned this spin-off (or so I imagine) on Stillmate:

كل مرأة في جامعتنا الموقرة. قررت إدارة الجامعة توزيع بوكيه ورد لكل سيدة تدخل من الباب سواء كانت طالبة أو دكتورة أو معيدة أو حتى فراشة. ويتمايلون فرحاً، أن هناك من يقدرهم. المهم، ذهبت مسرعاً لأتوجه إلى أحد المحاضرات ففوجئت بأحد الطلبة يأتيني من خلفي ويسلم علي بحرارة لم يسلم علي هكذا من عرفته من قبل ويحتضني ويقبلني بقوة ثم يقول: تستاهلوووووووون، ومبروكين ... ومن هالكلام

I must admit, I have absolutely no idea what it says, but then again that would my own fault for not taking the proper 101 something back in high school.

But thanks for for the reference Stillmate. (And no, just for the record, I'm not in anyway being sarcastic!)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Danish warship not allowed to board pirate vessel

The Danish warship Absalon today caught up with a Somali pirate vessel that had unsuccessfully tried to seize first a cruise ship and then a cargo ship in the bay of Aden.

The Danish SEAL-detail on Absolon was ready to board the suspected vessel, but orders came from the American central command of Taskforce 150 to abort on the the grounds that "it was not worth the risk" and the pirates were allowed to go on with their business.

Danish SEAL covers suspected Somali pirates

Absalon's captain, Dan Pedersen, expressed his frustration this way in an interview with Danish TV2:

I have to be loyal to the organization I represent (the UN) but I'm on the verge of being angry, let me put it that way!

I, for one, don't blame him!

Why not routinely board suspected pirate boats and if nothing else, at least through any weapons found over the side?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm a man! (Well, almost)

Well whadda ya know?

This site is now officially 88 percent manliness - must be all that swearing in the previous post.

Allow me to celebrate:

Monday, November 03, 2008

Kowtowing to Paco

Let me first say this: I have been mightily inspired by Paco a frequent commenter over at Tim Blair's site. (A guy I cannot recommend enough!) I've even been so inspired, that I tryed to sneak this little stupid story into the comments, but it got the boot by moderator Tran because she thought it was "too long and too sweary."

"Too sweary?" WTF is he on about?

Anyway, here it goes with my apologies to Paco, whos boots I'm not worthy to shine!


It's 3 AM and the computer on President John McCain's bed table suddenly comes alive: - You have mail!

- Sweet bejeezus! McCain yells. Alarmed by the urgency in the President's voice, Joe, his Secret Service detail, rushes in. Seeing that no one else is in the room, he holsters hos Dessert Eagle.

The President points at the computer: - Look, that there thing. It said something!

Joe, sensing the emergency mumbles into his armpit:
- Sixteen hunnerd needs the dork, and I mean now!

Less than 30 seconds later, two very broad-shouldered men in black suits throws in a skinny guy, who - in comparison with the Secret Service agents - doesn't appear to have any shoulders at all. He's still dressed in his pyjamas with small yellow ducklings patched all over it, and his hair is in absolute disarray.

Not for the the first time does Bartholemew (III) S. Simmel curse the day he took shis shitty job. (Yes, in his head he actually uses that profanity, which only goes to show how much he dispises this way of making a living.)

Still, he's serving at the Pleasure of the President of the United States! His attempt to come to attention is however somewhat foiled by the fact that he is still holding a teddy-bear in his hand.

- Bart, the President bellowes. - This thing just spoke to me. Is this what you call an, erm, I-letter?

Bartholemew withholds a sigh. He is very tired. Not only had he spent most of the previous night trying to explain to the Cabinet the subtle differences between a PC and a Mac, but the Secret Service agents had just yanked him out af a rather juisy dream involving Miss Jones, his German-teacher back in high school, and the hot phone-lady down at the reception.

He looked nearsighted into the 12 inch monitor. - Sir, it appears you have recieved an E-MAIL! Bartholemew tried to pronounce the word very slowly, but was brusquely brushed off:

- Yeah yeah, whatever. Is it from Putin? Has he declared war? I mean, it would be nice if the President of the US knew whether the fucking country was at war again, would't ya think! The President reached under his bed and produced a clay bottle marked XXX, an inauguraton present from one of his many third cousins down in the Bayu. He took a swig and dried his mouth with the back of his hand. - So, Bartie, tell me about this here u-post!

Bartholemew succeeded in opening the mail. Windows 3.1 wasn't really that easy to operate. - Sir, this E-MAIL (he tried again) appears to originate from Nigeria. Something about a bank account and an inheretance. There is also an attachment in it. However, I strongly advise against opening it as it may contain a virus.

McCain looked flabbergasted at his Cheif Cyberspace Advisor: - A virus? Are you telling me this thing has cooties? Then what the fuck is it doing in my bedroom?

Bartholemew opened his mouth for a few seconds then closed it again. What would be the point, he thought.

McCain turned to Joe, his trusted bodyguard and another of Sarah Palin's countless Alaskian friends and relatives he had hired on her strong recommendation. - Joe, what the hell's Nigeria and why are they sending me A-Cards?

Joe scratched his 3 AM shade. - Not really to sure, sir. I believe it's some sorry-assed country up somewhere in Tasmania or the likes!
He re-arrangened his chewing tobacco and spat out the used-up goo. In a perfect arc it landed dead-center in the President's tooth-glass.
- I do remember I wasted a Nigerian once. Big as a moose he was. Took three rounds between the eyes and a swing from my hockey stick before he went down, but down he went none the less!
Joe went thoughtful for a moment. - Then again, he might have been from Illinois. All them friggin' foreigners look alike to me, if you'll pardon my Siberian, sir!

McCain was now on the verge of an information overload. After all, it was 3 AM. - Alright then! he boomed at Bartholemew (III) S. Simmel and pointed at the computer: - Get that confounded contraction outta here. And Joe, if Nigeria bothers me one more time tell the Pentagon to nuke the crap out of them. I may not know much about the Information Highway, but I do know something about bombs. After all, I am a Republican!!!


Happy election-day for the USians out there. Forget about the polls, get out and vote!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Times: Danish PM favorite as EU-Prez

I knew it! I just knew it.

Danish PM, Anders Fogh Rasmussen has been mentioned by the Times as the leading Manchurian candidate for office as EU's "super president, according the the Lisbon Treaty not a soul in Europe where allowed to vote about save for the Irish, who are getting whacked on their heads should they even ponder about saying "No."

Of course, Fogh (as he is called for short in Denmark) is not running for anything. He might get "elected" by the other PM's in the EU, kinda like when a new Pope is "elected" to take over the Vatican.

From The Times:
A dashing Dane with his own Facebook page has emerged as the favourite to thwart the ambitions of Bertie Ahern and Tony Blair of becoming the first “president of Europe”.

He is quietly gathering support as an ideal compromise candidate for the new role of president of the European Council, the forum in which EU leaders make decisions such as setting targets for greenhouse gases and biofuels

"Greenhouse gases". Oh my dear God!

And "dashing?" Not the fist word that leaps to mind, if you ask me. He's more of an ascetic, a Saint Simon Stylites, a man who boasts about jogging ten kilometers every morning. A man who has sold out on every possible of his former principles in the pursuing his new glory as Emperor President Of The United States of Europe.

And to think I once voted for that guy! Not any more. He stood as a staunch defender of Freedom of Speech during the MoToon-crisis, but since then he has back-pedaled on every issue, even going so far as condemning the movie Fitna and it's creator Geert Wilders, before he even had a chance to view it.

What are the odds that some big-whig in the EU gave him a nudge and whispered sweet word in Fogh's ears. You could get high up on the ladder, if only...wink-wink, know-what-I-mean! Say no more!
I'd say, the odds are pretty big. I hope he gets the job, and good riddance!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Pali conference in Copenhagen

Amazing. Not a peep in the Danish MSM, not a hint, but a coincidental click on Snaphanen brought me to this story from Family Securities Matters:
It is interesting to note that CAIR director Nihad Awad will soon be sharing center stage in a major conference with Mohammad Akram al-Adlouni, the probable author of the most damning documents made public during the Holy Land Foundation trial.

The conference in Denmark, heavily populated with Muslim Brotherhood figures, is, according the program, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Nakbah or catastrophe, as they refer to the founding of the state of Israel.

The joint attendance of Awad and al Adlouni, now head of the al Quds Foundation in Lebanon, was first noted by the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report.

The GMBDR further noted that:

The Palestinian Return Centre in London, characterized by sources in London as close to Hamas, has Trustees that have also been on the board of the Muslim Association of Britain, one of the Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the U.K. The Centre itself has been widely promoted by the U.K Brotherhood. CAIR, in turn, had its origins in the Hamas support infrastructure in the U.S.

So, the old gang is getting together again, in the service of the Muslim Brotherhood and its armed wing, Hamas.

A list of attendees can found here.

And I find out on a May 5th! On this day, of all days!

Update: This photo of the Brotherhood conference found on Urias:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Terror threats closes Danish embassies

The Danish embassies in Afghanistan and Algeria has been closed and business are now taking place at undisclosed secure houses in Kabul and Algiers, according to Copenhagen Post:
National intelligence agency PET heightened the security level for Denmark and Danes abroad a couple of weeks ago and say the current threats against the embassies are due to the reprinting of the Mohammed cartoons in February.

Denmark's embassy in Jordan is still in operation, despite an in absentia court case going on in the country against several members of the Danish media for blasphemy over the printing of the drawings.

Regarding that last passage: One of the media-members facing charges for blasphemy in Jordan is the DhimmiEditor-in-Chief, Tøger Seidenfaden, from the leftist daily Politiken, a man who is constantly on TV as an apologist for Islam and a strong condemner of the MoToons.

I won't protest too strongly if they extradite him! :-)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Malpractice of wounded soldier

This is gross: A Danish soldier is badly wounded in Afghanistan and when he's shipped home he gets totally neglected by staff in the Danish national hospital.

From Jyllands-Posten (link in Danish, my translation):
A Danish soldier lay eight hours in terrible pain without receiving any treatment.

He was badly wounded in Afghanistan when his platoon fell into an ambush that left one soldier dead and two others wounded. One of these was "Skjold" [meaning shield] who lost his leg and fractured the other as well as an arm. He also suffered severe injuries in the face.

He was shipped home and was admitted to what is supposed to be the best hospital in Denmark. Yeah, right:
The soldier had to wait in agony for eight long hours before a large shot of morphine finally relieved him from the pain.

"I couldn't move without screaming. That night was pure Hell," says Skjold.

At his side is his buddy, "Rolf."
[names are pseudonyms ed.] He has been following his friend's ordeal since Skjold came home on April 2.

According to Rolf, Skjold only received 2.5 milligram of morphine when he arrived at the hospital, not nearly enough and only one sixth of the dose he was given on the flight home. The bandages weren't changed for more than eight hours.
When it finally happened it stank like an abattoir.

"The dressings were soaked with fluids and the stench of rotten blood filled the room," says Rolf, who himself is an army medic.

Skjold have had his bandages changed five time, and every time he has to be under full anesthesia because of the pain. This requires him to be fasting for five hours before the procedure, but screw-ups and red tape in the hospital have left him starving and thirsting for as long as 20 hours.

This is bloody unacceptable! Every wounded soldier should get VIP-treatment. You know, the kind that the General Director of the hospital would get. Except of course, he would probably go to the US or Switzerland or Kazakhstan or wherever for treatment if he had any sense.

Don't let anyone fool you about socialized health care.

And to add insult to injury, the nurses are going on strike on Wednesday. Good luck, Skjold. You're gonna need it!


In other Afghan-related news (and this is a little more uplifting) the Danish soldiers have just told the politicians in not so many words:

Shut the f*ck up and let us do our job!

following a debate in parliament about en exit date for the troops.
Again from Jyllands-Posten:
"We will stay in Afghanistan until our mission is completed, and the politicians should not discuss what year we will be pulled out," says the commander of the Royal Lifeguard regiment, Colonel Lasse Harkjær.
The discussion about an exit date began last week, when the center-left party "Radikale Venstre" suggested that the troops be pulled out by 2012. That idea received a lot of flak from most of the other parties and - as it is apparent - also from the grunts on the ground.

Way to go, boys!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

G*dd*m spammers!

Well, I tried to make commenting in this place as easy as possible, but now the spammers have found this modest site. And not only spam, but also malware has found its way to the comment field.

So I've no choice but to turn on word verification as well as blocking anonymous comments. I know it's a bore, but it has to be done.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I have lived in your future - and it didn't work!

From the bio at Youtube:
Vladimir Bukovsky spent many years in Russian labour camps and psychiatric prisons for defending human rights. He came to Britain in 1976. He lectures and writes on the old Soviet system and the EU.

(Thanks to Yorkshireminer for the heads up.)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sorry! So sorry! OMG we're so sorry...

...for hurting the feelings of Muslims all over the world:


Here's an appropriate response from the next generation of Europeans to the eternal Muslim self pity:

Monday, March 31, 2008

Islam without violence is like an omelet without eggs

The ever outspoken Pat Condell speaks his mind again. This time on Fitna.

(h/t Steen.)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Fitna - It's here

So it turns out there really was a movie. I'm afraid I lost a few bets.
Serves me right. :-)

If you're into sharing, a torrent can be found here. The video is here at LiveLeak.

Spread the movie as much as possible. The medievals can go after Geert Wilders i a courtroom, but they can't shut down the Internet!

(h/t Uriasposten)

Update: Liveleak have, as it should be publicly known by now, taken the movie down after death threats from followers of The Religion of Peace™. However, it can be viewed here as well as here. A download can be found at Rapidshare.
For a comprehensive list of mirrors check out Gates of Vienna.

Update II: A new version has been put up on Liveleak. I've emdedded the new film.

Monday, March 24, 2008

New Danish blog in English

Just a heads-up to let you know there's a new blog in town, Danish Affairs, a Danish blog written in English.

Definitely worth a look.

It's always nice to see the Danish perspective of things broadcasted to an international audience. I hope he'll post more frequently than I do! :-)

H/T Zonka .

Gang stopped the riots

Last month Copenhagen and other towns in Denmark was the scene of riots committed by "youths." Some 800 fires were ignited in a week-long mini-intifada that saw the torching of cars and schools. The disturbances faded out, but not due to the police being massively present on the streets, nor by the social workers and volunteers who also tried to calm things down.

No, according to the Danish daily Berlingske Tidende (link in Danish) it was an infamous immigrant gang called Black Cobra that put an end to it because the riots interrupted the gang's drug operations.
Through wiretapping, the police heard that leading members of Black Cobra called a number of youths in [various towns].

The message from the leaders was, that the riots was to stop as the police presence on the streets made it difficult for the gang to continue their criminal activities such as selling drugs.
The police confirms the story:
We have followed the activities made by disenfranchised youth in the winter mid-term as we registered that people higher up in the hierarchy were annoyed because it made the police focus on the residential areas, says Kim Kliver.

You gotta love the new speak in Klivers statement. Kliver is a police officer and the leader of a national task force, responsible for monitoring and solving gang-related crimes.

Disenfranchised youth. That's one way of saying it. Bullies could be another.

People higher up in the hierarchy. In a gangster movie, that would be "captains."

Residential areas. Ah yes, AKA "ghettos".

Black Cobra is a gang that consists exclusively of second and third generation immigrants. They are slowly but surely taking over the lucrative drug marked that has, up until now, been split between the biker gangs Hells Angels and Banditos after an extremely brutal war in the late 1990'ies. Back then they were blowing each other up with RPG's, fer chrissake. Those are not gangs that will bend over easily, but they have been gradually doing so for the last five or six years, without much publicity. This should tell you something of the potential of Black Cobra.

If they have the power to stop one riot, they can just as easily unleash another, this time much more violent, if they feel the cops are getting too annoying.

We have something to look forward to!

Update: See also Zonka.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Mo-cat cartoonist released

An update on the Mohammed the Cat crisis in Bangladesh back in October last year.

The text in the strip says:

* Boy, what is your name?
- My name is Babu.

* It is customary to mention Muhammed before the name.

* What is your father's name?
- Muhammed Abu

* What's this in your lap?
- Muhammed cat

This was of course such an insult on Islamic feelings that violent mobs of Muslims took to the street and demanded the cartoonist's death. The 23-year old boy was arrested for “hurting people’s religious sentiments.”

The cat-toon also lead to the killing of at least nine Christians and the torching of churches in Nigeria, of all places.

Now it seems the poor boy has been released from prison:

A BANGLADESH cartoonist jailed for allegedly insulting Muslims with a reference to the Prophet Mohammed has been released, court and prison officials said today.
Arifur Rahman, 23, was detained last September after the cartoon appeared in a weekly satirical magazine published by the mass-circulated Bengali daily Prothom Alo.

Prosecutor Shahidul Haque Bhuiyan said a magistrates' court in the capital Dhaka ordered that proceedings be dropped after the complainant in the case repeatedly failed to turn up for hearings.

Questions now are:

A: How long before the riots starts again in Bangladesh. It must be an insult to Muslim sensitivities to free a Godless blasphemer like Rahman.

B: How long will Rahman be allowed to keep his head?

C: How many Christians will die on the other side of the globe because of this ridicule of the Prostate Mohammad?

D: How many cats have been named Mohammad in the meantime?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

All Keffiyeh and no Camels

Memri has found this little tidbit showing a spokesman for something called the Salah al-Din Brigades in Gaza. Note the plural. There must be a great many of them. Than again, maybe not. As one can see in the clip there seem to more press than Brigadistas at this little demonstration against Denmark.

The Spokesman, casually sporting a keffiyeh is issuing a statement, mostly - if not solely - consisting of an apparently never-ending rant of threats against Denmark and the cartoonists and diplomats and just about everything else he can somehow associate with Denmark.

Oh dear, I think I'll sleep under the bed tonight just in case the Mighty Warriors™ of the Salah-Al-Din Brigades (who knows, perhaps all of them!) comes crashing through my door.

Anyway, if you can be bothered to spend 10 minutes of your life watching an insane, erm, Richard-head, the clip can be seen here. It's really quite amusing. No really, it is!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Inside the heads of an honorable Muslim family

First some background:

Back in 2002 the body of a 14 year old girl of Iraqi origin was found floating drowned in the harbor by a fisherman in the small town of Præstø in Denmark. The girl had suffered several severe blows to the head and had been pushed into the harbor and left to drown. She was identified as Sonay Ahmad Mohammad, who had come to Denmark four years before along with her mother to be rejoined with the head of the family, Ashraf Ahmad

Ashraf came to Denmark in 1996 as a refugee from Saddam Hussein's regime. The family moved into a row house and was apparently functioning well in the community. They took courses in Danish and were well liked. Sonay went to school with no problems, save one: She was became to Danish for her parents likings! She dated Danish boys and went to parties.

Her father began to beat her to try to keep her in fold, and - on the mother's request - even tried to strangle her. The school noticed that Sonay started to show up with bruises and she eventually confided in her teacher, who reported the abuse to the police and the girl was instantly removed from her family and put in a foster home.

Never the less, just four months later, county officials ignoring warnings from the municipality gave Ashraf permission to spend time with his daughter.

Next thing you know, Sonay is found floating in the harbor. Suspicion is quickly focused on her father, and despite his not-guilty claim he was convicted to 14 years in prison followed by a life-long deportation to Iraq. The sentence was appealed to the Supreme Court but was confirmed.

Now, - and this is where it gets a little complicated - Sonay's mother, Suheyla, was convicted of human smuggling by getting her brother-in-law, Jabbar, into Denmark on false papers and made him marry her sister whom she had also gotten in on false papers. She was sentenced to 30 days in jail and 5 years eviction.

OK, so much for the background. Danish TV2 is airing a documentary about this case later this month, and they have leaked an intercepted letter Ashraf send from his cell to his brother Jabbar back in 2005. Apparently things were not going too well in the family. The letter can be seen here (in Danish. Doc. my translation.) It's a bit incoherent and ranting, but the threat is none the less apparent.

I beg you my brother, I suffer every hour and every day. For Gods sake, please do one thing. No one will own the world (get this world for himself) neither you, me or anyone else. Do a good deed and you will be rewarded and do not help the infidels. It is written in the Qoran: God does not like the infidels.

It is stated in the Tradition: He who follows a nation will become one of them, therefor his place is in the fires of Hell. I ask you to listen to me and help your brother and a poor woman whose children are waiting for her.

These are my last word to you. I tell you, this world is too small and perhaps we will meet in Iraq or in some other country, God's earth is wide. If you do not help Suheyla [His wife] in this matter you will get conflicts with me. I will kill you like I killed the infidel Sonay. She used to make corruption *) every day with the infidel pigs. She made corruption twice in front of me and I murdered her with my own hands.

That is corruption. God, praised and glorified says: Do not corrupt the earth, and the infidels say that they are good.
I have Fatwa on cassette, if you understand you will weep, and I have friends, we are all united in God's religion only.

Salutations my brother. God will guide you in the right direction.

So, you might think this is just another madman killing his own offspring and threatening his brother with the same fate, because he's trapped in some 7th century mindset.

Well, not quite. Get a load of this: This article from 2003 cites Sonay's mother - remember, the one who got her sister and her brother-in-law to Denmark on false papers and then forced them marry each other, the one who ordered her husband to beat up her own daughter? Here's what she had to say :
I've bought two houses in Kirkuk in Iraq. As refugees we have got so much money from the Danish State that we have been able to save and buy the houses in cash.

My husband is in prison and I'm waiting for him. I have been granted an apartment and I get money from the system, so there is no reason for me to go back to Iraq.

Indeed, why should she go back? Perhaps to see her two remaining children?
"I'm afraid something will happen to my children, or that they should witness something happening to me. That's why I've sent them to Iraq where they live with my mother and my sister."
Ah, but of course, she is the victim! How thoughtless of me. All this time, I had the understanding that it was her daughter who was the victim. Silly me.

Anyway, isn't that nice of us. We take in a family of oppressed refugees, set them up, give them a monthly income, give them language courses, send their kids to school and the response is what? They murder their own 14 year old daughter because she gets to Western for their liking. They smuggle in two relatives on falsified papers and make them marry each other. And they get enough money from the hard-working taxpayers (that would be me!) to buy two houses in Iraq in cash. And they need to live here as refugees while it's perfectly safe for their small children to be in Iraq. Give me a frigging break!

Excuse me for wondering. But what the F*** are these people doing here? Or, perhaps more to the point: Why the F*** are we paying tax money to scum like that?
(Sorry, just had to vent.)

I'll post more on this when the doc had been aired.

(h/t to Uriasposten)

*) The Danish text is "lave fordærvelse," a rather peculiar expression. I take it the letter have been translated from Arabic into Danish. I translated it into Corruption in lack of a better word.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Westergaard illustrates his feelings

Kurt Westergaard has made a new drawing about his feelings over the newest row over the Motoons, with his own comments in both Danish and English.

The drawing is an artists interpretation of the ordeal he and his family have to go through over a little ink on a piece of paper.

I've nicked it from the bi-weekly magazine of the Danish Union of Journalists, Journalisten.

Click on the pics for larger images.

And just to prove that Mr. Westergaard is not an Islamophobe but rather a "Religionophobe", he has added an Imam to an older drawing from his hand, one that created some discontent amongst devoted Christians, though nobody threatened to cut off his head, nor did any rabbit express its desire to eat him on TV.

The sign on the cross reads: "Office hours: Sundays 10 to 11 AM and 2 to 3 PM."

BTW, he also recently created this:

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cartoonist dies, age 89

One of the mo-cartoonists, Erik Abild Soerensen, has passed away, Flemming Rose reports.

“Prophet! Daft and dumb. Keeping women under thumb.”

According to Flemming Rose, police turned up offering protection because of the death threats back in 2006. His answer?
”I have passed the age of 85, I am sick and I have just lost my wife. Can it get worse? I don’t think so.”

May he rest in peace.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Denmark to Sudan: Screw You!

After the "President" (read dictator) of Sudan once again have threatened Denmark with a boycott over the reprinting of the so-called "Prophet" Mohamed, the Danish Minister of Development, Ulla Tørness, have decided that boycott is a two-way street.

Sudan owes some two billion kroner (400 million US dollars) to Denmark, and the Danish government was negotiating with the Sudanese to release that debt.

Not anymore. This from Berlingske Tidende: (Link in Danish, my excerpt.)

The answer [to the boycott threats] will be, according to Minister of Development Ulla Tørness, that Denmark will not release Sudan's debt.

"In the international negotiations about releasing Sudan's debt, it will be Denmark's viewpoint that Sudan shall not have a release," says Ulla Tørness.

Sudan's ambassador has been summoned to a meeting, where he is to explain the calling to a boycott.

Denmark will not withdraw the humanitarian aid of some 52 million dollars that is going primarily to Darfur and the southern Sudan.

"Wanna play hardball? OK, I'll show you what hardball is!"

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cartoonist on TV

The famous Kurt Westergaard, creator of the "bomb in the turban" was interviewed on Danish TV earlier this month, shortly after a plot on his life was foiled by the Security Police.

The interview is in three parts, each around 8 minutes, and with English subtitles.

He's a brave old geezer, that much I can tell you.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

(Via snaphanen)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hamas Rabbit to Cartoonist: I'll Eat You!

So, you're a Palestinian kid. On your way home from school you helped your older brothers launch a few dozen rockets into Israel. You're naturally tired so you relax with a bit of TV before homework and dinner time. And this is what you see.

(Via Hodja)

Not exactly the Teletubbies, more like a depraved Bugs Bunny.
A transcript can be seen here.

My only question is this: Why - in the name of all that is holy - why is the western world pouring an additional 7,4 billions dollars into this cesspool of hatred and intolerance?

The Palestinians have been showered in money and aid for decades and their only response is "kill the infidels who sends us money and aid!"

I say f**k'em! Death threats and boycott, eh? Well, boycott is a two-way street. Buy as many Israeli goods you can get your hands on, and shun anything from the Muslim world. (Apart from oil, that should be an easy task.)

Oh, and bye the bye Assud. Rabbits are excellent on the dinner plate. Thought you might want to know.

Monday, February 18, 2008


I received this in an e-mail yesterday and thought I'd pass it on. It's from the dutch branch of Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) and is a call to support Denmark.

I bring it in its entirety:
To: The People of Denmark through SIOE/SIAD

The Danish People are confronted with a jihad against their freedom and the fundamental values.

Now is the time for all Europeans to join forces and stand side by side with the free Danes in their time of tribulation, as the struggle for their freedom is our own. No longer can we afford to think in national terms, the jihad launched against Denmark is the same as is being waged against all Europeans.

If we want to ensure freedom for our children and grandchildren than not only must join forces it is our duty. Remaining inactive is no option and utterly unacceptable.

Sioe Netherlands will hand your signatures over during the upcoming demonstration in Denmark.

Sign this petition right now we owe it to the brave people of Denmark.


The Undersigned

You can sign the petition here.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hizb demo in Copenhagen

Yesterday a large demonstration organized by the fundamentalist Hizb ut-Tahrir took place in Copenhagen, protesting the reprinting of the Mohammed-cartoons. About a 1000 participants took the streets and listened to the spokesman, Fadi Abdullatif - a man convicted for racism and death threats against Jews and the Prime minister in Denmark.

Said Fadi Abdullatif got up on his soapbox and used his freedom of speech to attack the freedom of speech of others. According to Danish daily Politiken the pious Muslim spake thus:
"We are gathered here today becouse Freedom of Speech is a cursed instrument in the hands of politicians".

"In Islam we are duty bound to speak the truth, freedom of speech is the freedom to lie"

Can you say Taqiya mr. Abullatif?
Once again our dear prophet is subjected to insults and attacks. It is part of a camaign to make us give up our faith but they will never win," said Abdullatif at which point the crowd began chanting: God is Great.

"Only the Caliphate will be able to stop these insults. A state that reacts with the sword and not with words. A state that shows the price for insulting the Prophet."

"The time has come to end the silence and submission. Arise and establish a Caliphate that lives for the sake of Islam and defends the Koran, Muhammed and his sharia."

This footage (as well as the photos above) was found at Steens blog (Video 3:00)
Is this Copenhagen or Gaza?

At least they make no secret of their intentions. We live in interesting times.

UPDATE: Steen informs me that he is not the one who made the footage. Original post corrected.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Intifada in Copenhagen ?

It would seem like Denmark is experiencing an intifada light these days - or rather nights. For the fifth night i a row smallish groups of Muslim immigrant "youths" have stirred up trouble in the streets of Copenhagen, setting fire to garbage containers and ambushing the firefighters.

At least that's how it started out, but now things seems to be getting out of hand.

The riots are spreading fast and are becoming more violent with "carbacues" and attacks on media reporting in the area. Trucks from DR TV and TV2 have been stoned and a photographer from Jyllands-Posten was wrestled to the ground and kicked in the head by half a dozen "youths."

Here's a small time line with thanks to TV2: (My excerpt.)

Feb. 9: The trouble starts when a garbage container is set ablaze and rolled out into the street in Nørrebro. Firefighters are attacked with rocks and needs police backup to put the fire out. All is calm again around midnight.

Feb. 10: Containers are set on fire as well as several cars and once again firefighters need police protection. The police uses teargas to disperse the vandals. 11 are arrested.

Feb. 11: More container-fires as well as bonfires in the street. The trouble spreads to Vesterbro - another neighborhood - two cars are burned. One arrest.

Feb. 13: The trouble has now spread all over Copenhagen. Two cars are set on fire in Vesterbro, four people arrested in conjunction with that crime. The neighborhoods and suburbs Tingbjerg, Ishøj, Rødovre and Taastrup are plagued by fires.
In Århus, Jutland a city bus is bombarded with rocks and have to be escorted out of danger by police.

Feb 14: In Tingbjerg four postal vans are set ablaze. An apartment building in Nørrebro has to be evacuated in the middle of the night as a fire nearby is threatening to spread. The power grid is sabotaged and an entire neighborhood is blackened out around 1 am.
All in all 17 people have been arrested for arson and disturbing the peace. 14 cars have been burned as well as 20 garbage containers. There are 14 reports of vandalism such as smashing store windows.

The excuse from the "youths" at the start up was that it was "unjust" that the cops picked on them at routine checks "only because we're colored!" Then came the thwarted assassination plot on the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard and the subsequent decision to deport two Tunisian nationals. This apparently was soooo unjust to the Muslim community that a carbeque seemed to be in in order.

The police is on high alert from now and on through the weekend. I wish it would rain cats and dogs, that should cool tempers, but alas it's going to be cold and clear tonight.

I realize this isn't anything like the riots in Paris last summer - heck this probably isn't anything like a normal night in Paris, but it's quite unusual in Denmark.

So far at least!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Murder Plot Against Cartoonist Foiled

A plot to murder one of the 12 cartoonists who published the Motoons, was foiled early this morning when police and the Danish Security and Intelligence Service arrested 3 persons in Århus - Denmark's second largest city and home to Jyllands-Posten's headquarters.

This from Jyllands-Posten: (Link in English.)
Early Tuesday morning, Danish police arrested several people with a Muslim background suspected of conspiring to kill Kurt Westergaard, a Danish cartoonist with Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten.

Kurt Westergaard is one of the 12 cartoonists who on 30 September 2005 published cartoons of Muslim prophet Mohammed.

The group arrested includes Danish as well as foreign citizens. The Danish Security and Intelligence Service have followed the group for months.

The cartoons and an explanatory article led, as is well known, to the so-called Mohammed crisis involving violent demonstrations, the boycott of Danish goods and the burning of Danish embassies.

Kurt Westergaard’s cartoon depicting the prophet wearing a bomb turban with a lit fuse attracted particular attention. What the cartoonist wanted to say with his cartoon was that many people exploit the prophet to legitimize terror. However, the cartoon was widely seen as a depiction of the prophet as a terrorist.

Note that there's no mention of religion in the article. Must be those dammed Methodists again.

The police explicitly calls the plot "attempted terror related homicide!" What's wrong with these insensitive officials? Don't they know the wording is "Anti Islamic Activity"?

Anyway, there will be a press conference later today, and I'll update this as I know more.

UPDATE: Apparently only 3 persons where arrested though initial reports said 5. Original post corrected.
One is a 40-year old Moroccan with Danish citizenship who will be released after interrogation, the other two are Tunisian nationals. They are being held until they can be expelled administratively as they are seen as a threat to national security. (You don't say...)

Security police said they didn't want to take any chances and moved preventive at an early stage after the group had been under surveillance for several months.

The target, Kurt Westergaard, 73, and his wife have had round-the-clock protection and have been forced to move around the last 3 months as the terrorists allegedly were plotting to assassinate him in his own home.

UPDATE 2: See also WaPo, CNN, BBC, Guardian, and Times for more. (With thanks to Western Resistance for the links.)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Al-Jazeera demands MoToon-apology - from Iceland !


The president of Iceland sits down for an interview with Al-Jazeera while on a trip to Qatar, and all of a sudden the journalist wants to know if Iceland will apologize for the Danish Cartoons:

Here is what president Grimsson said to radio Iceland about the interview:
”In fact he tried to put pressure on me regarding two things. He asked if I would apologize for the behaviour of the Danes, and if I would ask forgiveness for what they did, this insult, this provocation, this disgrace – he used very strong words – that the Danes had demonstrated with the publication of these caricatures. But of course this was not part of my responsibilities. And to tell you the truth I didn’t expect that this case was still alive and such a hot issue that the most important tv-station in the Arab world found it necessary to raise it during a visit by the president of Iceland, and they wanted to discuss it in detail.”

This thing just won't go away, will it.

Iceland has been independent since 1944.

(Via Flemming Rose )