Monday, March 31, 2008

Islam without violence is like an omelet without eggs

The ever outspoken Pat Condell speaks his mind again. This time on Fitna.

(h/t Steen.)


Momin said...
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Anonymous said...

This is actually a mis concept about Islam due to some of the so called terrorists not so confidently follows Islam.I am an Christian and have had an research on Islam and its culture.I live in India with my Muslim Brothers who always help me in my research work if necessary.The reason for such unkind messages related to Islam is that Media i.e., Newspapers,Tv News,magazines,....etc. pick out some black sheep of
community and represent them as the face of religion in fact you should ask us about how these Muslim brothers live peacefully and maintain a humanitarian relationship with the other communities.I being a religious person have read the Holy Bible and found many similarities with the Holy book of Muslims including the messages of Jesus Christ.My name is John Fernandes,56.And i Kindly request our Christian brothers to stop sending such unkind messages about any community as Lord said to spread Peace and behave peacefully with mankind{Bible 12:19}.Hope my message turns your hearts towards light of Holy Cross.Hallelujah Amen

Mikael said...

Sorry, but until I see a million man march of so called Moderate Muslims (tm) with banners reading "bin Laden: Not In Our Name!" or "Killing Infidels is a Sin to Allah!" I cannot see the silence of Moderate Muslims as anything else but consent.