Friday, March 28, 2008

Fitna - It's here

So it turns out there really was a movie. I'm afraid I lost a few bets.
Serves me right. :-)

If you're into sharing, a torrent can be found here. The video is here at LiveLeak.

Spread the movie as much as possible. The medievals can go after Geert Wilders i a courtroom, but they can't shut down the Internet!

(h/t Uriasposten)

Update: Liveleak have, as it should be publicly known by now, taken the movie down after death threats from followers of The Religion of Peace™. However, it can be viewed here as well as here. A download can be found at Rapidshare.
For a comprehensive list of mirrors check out Gates of Vienna.

Update II: A new version has been put up on Liveleak. I've emdedded the new film.

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