Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Danish warship not allowed to board pirate vessel

The Danish warship Absalon today caught up with a Somali pirate vessel that had unsuccessfully tried to seize first a cruise ship and then a cargo ship in the bay of Aden.

The Danish SEAL-detail on Absolon was ready to board the suspected vessel, but orders came from the American central command of Taskforce 150 to abort on the the grounds that "it was not worth the risk" and the pirates were allowed to go on with their business.

Danish SEAL covers suspected Somali pirates

Absalon's captain, Dan Pedersen, expressed his frustration this way in an interview with Danish TV2:

I have to be loyal to the organization I represent (the UN) but I'm on the verge of being angry, let me put it that way!

I, for one, don't blame him!

Why not routinely board suspected pirate boats and if nothing else, at least through any weapons found over the side?

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Thorum said...

Great post though it really pisses me off!! Why, why, why not just blow these monkeys out of the water?