Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hizb demo in Copenhagen

Yesterday a large demonstration organized by the fundamentalist Hizb ut-Tahrir took place in Copenhagen, protesting the reprinting of the Mohammed-cartoons. About a 1000 participants took the streets and listened to the spokesman, Fadi Abdullatif - a man convicted for racism and death threats against Jews and the Prime minister in Denmark.

Said Fadi Abdullatif got up on his soapbox and used his freedom of speech to attack the freedom of speech of others. According to Danish daily Politiken the pious Muslim spake thus:
"We are gathered here today becouse Freedom of Speech is a cursed instrument in the hands of politicians".

"In Islam we are duty bound to speak the truth, freedom of speech is the freedom to lie"

Can you say Taqiya mr. Abullatif?
Once again our dear prophet is subjected to insults and attacks. It is part of a camaign to make us give up our faith but they will never win," said Abdullatif at which point the crowd began chanting: God is Great.

"Only the Caliphate will be able to stop these insults. A state that reacts with the sword and not with words. A state that shows the price for insulting the Prophet."

"The time has come to end the silence and submission. Arise and establish a Caliphate that lives for the sake of Islam and defends the Koran, Muhammed and his sharia."

This footage (as well as the photos above) was found at Steens blog (Video 3:00)
Is this Copenhagen or Gaza?

At least they make no secret of their intentions. We live in interesting times.

UPDATE: Steen informs me that he is not the one who made the footage. Original post corrected.


Anonymous said...

Hej Mikael.

Næh, video det er ikke mig. Anee ikke hvem.

fotos kan du se i helstørrelse her

dem kender jeg heller ikke

mvh S

h said...

I don't speak Danish but I'd appreciate a Dane's opinions on my two latest posts about Denmark.

Mikael said...

Hej Steen,

Tak for præciseringen. Jeg har rettet teksten.

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