Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hamas Rabbit to Cartoonist: I'll Eat You!

So, you're a Palestinian kid. On your way home from school you helped your older brothers launch a few dozen rockets into Israel. You're naturally tired so you relax with a bit of TV before homework and dinner time. And this is what you see.

(Via Hodja)

Not exactly the Teletubbies, more like a depraved Bugs Bunny.
A transcript can be seen here.

My only question is this: Why - in the name of all that is holy - why is the western world pouring an additional 7,4 billions dollars into this cesspool of hatred and intolerance?

The Palestinians have been showered in money and aid for decades and their only response is "kill the infidels who sends us money and aid!"

I say f**k'em! Death threats and boycott, eh? Well, boycott is a two-way street. Buy as many Israeli goods you can get your hands on, and shun anything from the Muslim world. (Apart from oil, that should be an easy task.)

Oh, and bye the bye Assud. Rabbits are excellent on the dinner plate. Thought you might want to know.

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