Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cartoonist on TV

The famous Kurt Westergaard, creator of the "bomb in the turban" was interviewed on Danish TV earlier this month, shortly after a plot on his life was foiled by the Security Police.

The interview is in three parts, each around 8 minutes, and with English subtitles.

He's a brave old geezer, that much I can tell you.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

(Via snaphanen)


Yorkshireminer said...

I found two very interesting statements in the videos that I found revealing that summed up for me a real Dane. The first one was in the first video when he first became aware of the crisis at his son's house in Florida. The first comment when he became aware of all the riots in Arab countries was they had set fire to the Danish flag, not set fire to the Danish Embassies or the riots but they had set fire to the Danish Flag. When I first went to Denmark all those years ago it used to amuse me how very proud of their flag the Danes were, you would go up to a friends summer house, the first thing he would do was put the beer in the fridge and hoist the Danish Flag, on your birthday cake was small Danish flags not candles. Perhaps not being able to fly it in the 19th century for 20 years made it somewhat precious to the Danes and it became a symbol of Danishness. I think that it was not the burning down of the Embassies that really pissed off the Danes, it was burning of the Flag. I don't think that the muslims realize the quiet unspoken contempt that the Danes hold them in now, is due not to the cartoons, but to the burning or DANNEBROG.
The other one, was when in the last video the interviewer asked him if he felt responsible for what had happened. The answer was a definite NO, no hesitation nothing. When and if I see him I will buy him a Ceres.

Mikael said...

A Ceres? Eew! I'd get him Tuborg. :-)

As for the flag, I think you're right. Danes are generally obsessed whit it. Even our Christmas trees are decorated with small paper flags.

When the flag burning started it was first a great surprise to the Danes, that feeling almost immediately turned into anger and resentment.

You can mock and scorn a Dane in almost any way you like, and he'll shrug it off with a smile. But do NOT piss on the flag! That's the sure way to turn your average Jens into Clint Eastwood.