Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Terror threats closes Danish embassies

The Danish embassies in Afghanistan and Algeria has been closed and business are now taking place at undisclosed secure houses in Kabul and Algiers, according to Copenhagen Post:
National intelligence agency PET heightened the security level for Denmark and Danes abroad a couple of weeks ago and say the current threats against the embassies are due to the reprinting of the Mohammed cartoons in February.

Denmark's embassy in Jordan is still in operation, despite an in absentia court case going on in the country against several members of the Danish media for blasphemy over the printing of the drawings.

Regarding that last passage: One of the media-members facing charges for blasphemy in Jordan is the DhimmiEditor-in-Chief, T√łger Seidenfaden, from the leftist daily Politiken, a man who is constantly on TV as an apologist for Islam and a strong condemner of the MoToons.

I won't protest too strongly if they extradite him! :-)

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