Monday, July 24, 2006

More on the Hitzb rally in CHP- beating up infidels

From an article in Sappho a Danish magazine founded by the Freedom of print Society, a group of well-respected writers and commentators in Denmark, concerned of the growing islamo-fascism in Europe. They are therefore not all that respected by the intellectual establishment in Denmark.
The original article can be found here (in Danish.)(pix from Sappho, captions are mine.)

"The anti-semetic feelings was vented freely during the rally friday in Copenhagen. It was also the first time supporters of Hitzb ut-Tahrir openly attacked stand-byers. On july 21 in Copenhagen there was three [not just two as I reported in my last post] rallies regarding the escalated conflict in the Middle East. One demonstration supporting the right for Israel to defend itself, and two turning against Israel. One of theese demonstrations was arranged by Hitzb ut-Tahrir, the other by the Danish extreme left. In both theese rallies, flags where flying with the Star of David replaced by the nazi swastica, as well as the banner of Hezbollah."

Even though the rallies was conducted in mainly a peaceful manner, the violent rethorics of the Hitzb ut-Tahrir inflamed some of their followers:

"Shortly after the [Hitzb] rally had started moving the Sappho photografer had to seek shelter in a shop after been attacked by four young Hitbz ut-Tahrir followers who threatened to beat him up him and smash hos camera. Only the resolute reaction of the shop staff and the police prevented [further damage]

The second attack occured in a bus when a man, who had attended the pro-Israel rally was mugged. He had a Danish and an Israeli flag in a plastic shopping bag, and that apperantly was enough to provoke an "arabic-looking man" to beat him up and try to choke him.

"Non of the shocked passengers in the overcrowded bus had the wits or the courage to interfere, except for one foreign man [*] who saved the man from further harm.
The driver succeeded in blocking the doors, so the attacker could be arrested by police rushing to the scene."

A Zionist agent giving his statement to a
Danish police officer after he was attacked on a bus

Moonbats in Copenhagen

It is extremly worrying, that an openly fascist organisation like the Hitzb ut-Tahrir can virtualy claim the streets of Copenhagen, rallying hundreds of potentially violent followers. It's worrying, that someone can get attacked in a crowded bus for carrying an Israeli flag in a bag and no one dares to to do anything!

In the 1920's a bunch of moonbats sat in a Beerstube and everybody shook thier heads at those idiots, until one day the most outspoken critics didn't have a head to shake and everyone else found it best to "go along".

We really ought to know better by now.

The original text describes the man as of
of non-Danish ethniticity, which is really a silly way of describing anyone not being white.
I know it sounds like something you'll be hearing in places like Bosnia or South Africa, but so far that's the concensus in the press to describe anyone non-white
in a political correct manner. The brave gentleman could be Chinese, Arab or Cherokee, I have no way of knowing.

I have mailed Sappho about the man of non-Danish ethnicity and recieved a kind answer From Helle Merete Brix, on of the authors of the article. The man in question was of Mid-East origin.

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