Saturday, July 29, 2006

Danish troops in Afghanistan under fire

From today's Berlingske Tidende (Link in Danish):

Presumed Taliban insurgents [sic!] fired upon the the Danish force in Afghanistan with handguns and mortars, the Danish Army reported.

The Danish troops at Musa Qala in southern Afghanistan requested air support from the international forces in the country.

During the air strike a building used a a mosque was hit and destroyed. No civilian causualties were reported, according to the Danish Army.

The possibility of a cooperation about rebuilding
[the mosque] is already being discussed with the local counsel.
This happened just two days after the Danes had arrived at the Helman province.
Yesterday the troops also came under fire:
The day after the Danish soldiers arrived in the troubled Helman provinse it came under attac.
According to the Army, a reccon squad came under fire outside their camp at Musa Qala.The patrol returned to the camp, which was subsequently fired upon with hand weapond, grenade launchers and mortars.

The enemy fire was returned, and air-support was called in.

No soldiers where injured in the firefight, the first since the arrival on Wednesday.

Before the Danish force arrived at Musa Qala it was repeatedly attacked by Taliban forces, and three soldiers where wounded when their vehicel hit a landmine during the advance into southern Afghanistan.

Denmark have some 300 troops in Afghanistan as part af the NATO force staioned there.

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