Sunday, December 10, 2006

Religious terror against moderate muslims at Danish university

From friday's dead-tree edition of Jylland-Posten. Alas not online, translation is mine.

It appears that a smal group of hard-core muslim girls are terrorising the more moderate young women at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

According to Salihah Marie Fettah some of the girls have recived SMS-trheats like "You will end up in Hell if you don't wear a headscarf."

"Lately, there has been a serious debate between the students if it is permissible for a Muslim to lie to or slander al-kufar, or the infidels as they name all non-muslims. They are dividing the world into "us" and "them"", says Salihah Marie Fettah

Besides the more theoligical discussions the moderate girls are olso on the recieving end of a more direct approach from the radicals:
"It's also about the way they dress. They [the moderates] are not allowes to wear tight jeans or t-shirts or to dress in strong colors. They cannot listen to music, because the it is forbidden according to Islam. This have restrained several of the moderate girls from attending social gatherings because this group has warned against participating" Fettah said.
The scary thing is, that these radicals should by all standards be well-integrated into the Danish society. They are born and raised in Danmark, speak fluently Danish and are in the midst of a university education. And yet, they find together in some sort of Talabanish fellowship.
They do not themselves see what they are doing as bullying. They see it as a religious duty, and they believe that are actually trying so save the other girls from going to Hell.
At least one girl has quit and several others are considering to change to another study, according to Fettah.

Thankfully, Søren Askegaard, the leader of the Arabic-studies, where the problem is most visible has this to say:
It's difficult to do anything about it as it is going on in the private communication between the students. But of course, if the problem have consequenses for the students, we will have to consider how to handle it.
Thank you Mr. Dhimmi. That should set the Talibanistas straight.

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Anonymous said...

The decent Muslims in the world are getting shouted down and intimidated, or else radicalized. Islam's borders are bloody, but so are Islam's innards; Muslims suffer at the hands of Islam every bit as much as anyone else.

We've got to give the decent Muslims a way out before we lose them to the radicals. These girls are an example.

Good blog. I love the name! I linked to you.

Meanwhile, here's one for you: Dhimmi, Dhimmi