Monday, December 18, 2006

Danish Jews harrased by Muslims

I have mentioned this subject before and today Jyllands-Posten has a feature about the growing fears of the Jewish population in Danmark. (Link is a small excerpt in Danish, my translation)
By Kristoffer Pinholdt
The international tensions between Jews and Muslims are reflecting in the Danish society. Danish Jews fell intmidated by the Muslims and are afraid to reveal their identity when walking the streets of Copenhagen.

Jewish parents choose not to send their children to public schools with a large percentage of children with Muslim background, and outside the synagoge in Copenhagen the security guards are asking the attending jews to remove their scullcaps and Star of Davids before leaving the temple.

- There is a fear among Jews for the Muslim minority. They are afraid of beeing harrased psysical and verbally, says Jacques Blum, spokesman of the Mosiac Faithcommunity.

Karen Margrethe Grønlund is the scool principal at Klostervængets Skole on Nørrebro [a communnity in Copenhagen] where 93 percent of the pupils have an other ethnical background than Danish. She would like to see Jewish children attending her school. She wellcomes them, but knows they can be in for a rough time.

- We cannot remote-contrile the childrens behavoir. They cannot seperate the conflict in Palastine from what is going on in the school.Children are little parrots, who mimics the talk of the grown-ups about the Lebanon war and it was all the Jews fault again, she says.

She has once recomended to a teacher that he hid his Jewis identity for his own sake.

- It was a Jewish teacher hwo applied for a job here. I advised him not to use his Jewish-sounding name if he accepted the position He ended up saying no the the job, Karen Margrethe Grønlund say.

This is depressing. We have the Middle East conflicts re-enacted in the school yards and peacefull citicens are harrased in the the streets by Muslim sturm-troopers.


Yankee Doodle said...

It's more than depressing. It's Nazism all over again. And, it's happening right in the continent where the phrase "Never again" was originated.

It's funny how you never hear in the news about Jews doing that to Muslims. Yet, the Muslims falsely accuse the Jews of doing all kinds of evil.

Historically, these guys have never backed down until they've gotten a well-deserved "kick in the arse".

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