Sunday, August 06, 2006

Poll: "Massive Danish support for Israel"

Good news update:

Berlingske Tidende a large Danish paper has asked Gallup to conduct a poll (link in Danish) on public opinion in Denmark on the outgoing conflict in the Mideast.

It turns out that Israel have great support in the Danish population. (my translation):
The Danes give Israel a firm pat in the back in a new poll concerning the now four-week long war against the Hizbollah militia. 57 percent thinks Hizbollah is to blame for the conflict, while only 37 percent points the finger at Israel.

At the same time nearly half of the Danes - or 48 percent - declare that their sympthies lies with Israel, while the Hizbollah is only backed up by 7 percent, most of whom also vote for the left.

Like I always said: Danes are a sensible people.

(Those able to read Danish can also se my Danish blog on the subject.)


Ginro said...

Those two pictures on the right, under your sitemeter, sum it up really don't they?

Mikael said...

I think so too. The MSM never ever brings a picture of an Arab female who isn't crying her heart out.

here is a good exampel from AP on the story that 40 civilians had perished in an Israeli air attack.

Of course, that picture did not accompany the story when the Lebanese downgraded the casualties to one!

Anonymous said...

It sounds as though the Danes are less a "sensible people" than a deluded people. The MSM are DOWNPLAYING the horror of the casualties that the IDF has inflicted on Lebanese civilians.

Try this link, and browse the whole gallery, if you dare ...

Graphic Content

Ginro said...

Anonymous, I dared, I dore, and I donquered (with apologies to Julius Caesar).
The link appears to be dead.
But how many times have the muslims subjected us to their caterwauling that they love death. So what's their problem? They got it didn't they?
Like the proverb says, be careful what you ask for.