Friday, November 03, 2006

Egyptian poll: Denmark is second-most hostile

So, there we have it. Sorry US, you have been knocked off the throne: The Big Satan is Israel and The Little Satan is now - tadaaa - Denmark!

A poll in Egypt has revealed, that 92 percent of all egyptians agrees, that Israel is hostile toward Egypt. 60 percent agreed that Denmark is hostile, followed by Britain leaving the US at a measly fourth place!

Damn I'm proud to be Danish! More cartoons, please. And find a way to publish them on Al-Jazeera. We're heading for the gold!

And right now, the Egyptian vice minister of tourism is visiting Denmark, desperatly trying to get more Danes to spend their vacation in Egypt. In 2004, 180.000 Danes traveled to Egypt, a number that dropped to 103.000 last year.

So we may be a bunch of sacrilegious infidels, but our money doesn't smell.

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Anonymous said...

Ah! But money never smells of anything but money. I expect they would be happy with US$, UK£, etc. too.