Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Non-Dhimmi Danish Dairy

Via Danish blogger Veritas Universalis from
The co-operative dairy "Bornholms Andelsmejeri" have stopped its export of dairy-products to the Middle East.

"It's all about being able to look at your self in the mirror each morning. I will not be judged on what some Danish paper writes, but on my products and my services. We have no intention to take up trade and have turned those who have approached us down", says Peter Olesen [head of the dairy]

Before last years Mohammad-Crisis 8-9 percent of the dairy's turnaround of a total of 240 million Danish Kroner [42 mill. USD] was exported to the Middle East. Peter Olesen however, doesn't believe the loss is that great as Bornholms Andelsmejeri has increased it's sales in other parts of the worl

Here's a change from dhimmied Arla. Nice to see a dairy-boss with more than skimmed milk in his, er, fridge.

So if your local store happens to stock St. Clement cheese, you really should buy some. Not only is it politically incorrect, it tastes great as well.


Anonymous said...

Keep on the good work, Denmark!!!

We shall not surrender to that islamist rubbish.

Recieve my support from Barcelona, Spain.

From right now I take as a duty promoting Danish products to all my closest friends, family and acquaitances.

Anonymous said...

From a Norwegian living in the USA: I'm proud of you Denmark!
If only there could be more integrity like that across the Skagerrak & Kattegat.

Humle och Dumle said...

Denmark do have a large support among bloggers in Sweden.
As the person from Spain, this blog buys and promote products from Denmark.
Keep up the good work!