Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hitzb ut-Tahrir takes over Danish kindergarten

From the Danish daily Berlinske Tidende: The extreme Islamic organization Hizb ut-Tahrir recently took control over a kindergarten on Nørrebro (a neighborhood in Copenhagen with many Muslims.) The Hizb demanded that the children should not be brought up learning about democracy.

Article here, background article here. (Both links in Danish, the short excerpt translated by me.)
The parents have also demanded a ban on boys and girls playing together and last year furious parents demanded that the children cut up their Christmas elf caps [the caps were seen a a Christian symbol]

Some of the parents stressed that the children where not allowed to draw people or animals and they were not allowed to sing and dance. Much was "Haram". The children were forbidden to walk trough the Christian Assistens Cemetery [a last resting place for a lot of famous Danes, from Hans Christian Andersen and Niels Bohr to Ben Webster ed.] and they where not allowed to frequent curtain parks and beaches, as they risked seeing undressed people.

Here's the good news: The two-man Danish leadership have resigned in protest and the Municipality of Copenhagen have put the kindergarten under strict supervision and has cut it's funding according to the Mayor in charge.

You know, the next time I hear another Halal-Hippie state the argument that it's the ethnic Dane's responsibility that many Muslims aren't better integrated in the Danish society, I swear I'll bitch-slap him!

Update: For some reason I forgot to translate this little tidbit:
[new principles] stressed that the children should be brought up respecting equality and in a democratic spirit. (...) That triggered remarks [from the Hizb] that such principles would only lead to homosexuality and masturbation.
Hmm, that could make for some bumper sticker: "Spank the monkey if you're a democratic infidel"

Update II: Western Resistance is on the story. Good translation of the original article.

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