Thursday, August 09, 2007

Chef won't serve Halal meat at Muslim wedding, gets reported for racism

First a little necessary background, so please bear with me:

In Denmark we have a quite well-known female Islamist, Helen Latifi, who came to Denmark as a toddler and is now a med-student and a voice in the debate. She is a board member of an organization called Muslims in Dialog, an offspring of Minhaj-ul-Quran. On the board is also Abdul Wahid Pedersen, one of the traveling Imams stirring up trouble in the Mid-East last year.

Helen Lafiti is about to get married (congrats!) with the Secretary General of Muslims in Dialog, Noman Malik.

The happy couple decided to order food for the wedding at a renowned restaurant, owned by the chef Ralf Dyrensborg. Alas, there was a minor dispute over the menu. Apparently the chef refused to prepare Halal meat for the party. According to Latifi's blog (link in Danish) there was an argument ending with the chef saying "I'm not serving any sh*tty Halal meat for You!". That's Helen's story anyway.

The cook, not surprisingly has an other version (link in Danish):
I'm in no way a racist. I only expressed, that I would not serve Halal meat at the party!

Of course, chef's are supposed to be flamboyant, if not downright eccentric. One does not simply buy his food, one also buys his attitude and his love for cooking.

(Story not online, h/t Islamofascisme and Hodjas Blog) (both in Danish)

So, how does a Muslim "dialogist" react to this? Does she engage in a dialog with the guy? Does she say "OK, that's your opinion, and you're entitled to it. I'll just find another restaurant and take my business there!"

Are you kidding? Of course not. As true "moderates", she and her spouse-to-be reported this incident to the police, claiming to be victims of racism! The knee-jerk reaction of Muslims: You're telling me I can't have it my way? Then you're a bigot and a racist and should be crushed under your own laws!

So now the police will have spend time, manpower and money investigating this "case". No matter what the outcome of the investigation, this "case" will show up on the score card when Denmark is scrutinized by the EUMC, Amnesty International, Humans Rights Watch and myriads of other more or less self-proclaimed "Watchdog" organizations.

For Denmark, there's no way to win:

Should the police decide not to investigate further? Bad: The reports will show Danish police to be a bunch of Mississippian rednecks.

The DA brings it to the courts.
DA loses: Bad: The judges are obviously xenophobic.
DA wins: Bad: The case proves that there is a disturbingly amount of Islamophobia in the Danish population (Damn right there is!) and the government should take action to suppress it, otherwise...

Set, game and match: Muslims 1 Danes 0.

"Muslims in Dialog". Indeed.


Yorkshireminer said...

Muslims in Dialog, goes something like this. “I DO THE TALKING AND YOU LISTERN”. Its a pity that the Danish police are not like Mississippian rednecks, first of all they would not know what Halal food was and secondly they would mostly have used the F word to tell them where to go. They might even tell them of a good southern eating house where they could get a nice dish of fried pork belly served with grits and sweet potatoes just like there good old Mama used to make.

Mikael said...

Even if the cops dismisses the case - using or not the F-word - it will get reported to a central registry and filed as an unsolved "hate-crime".

From there it will get picked up by A.I. and the likes. No matter how ludicrous the charge, it will still be a bleep on the radar. "Proof" of how xenophobic the Danish society is. Clever tactics, got to give them that.

Yorkshireminer said...

To be quiet honest Michael I have got to the point that I don't give a fuck how Xenophobic the Danes are, the more the better as far as I am concerned, your image doesn't matter anymore Danish culture never was Beer Butter Bacon and Hans Christian Anderson its much more be proud ofit, you are going to be wrong what ever you do. This constant muslim gripping is to make you feel guilty. What in Gods name have you got to feel guilty about, you are feeding the bastards instead of shooting them like their fellow muslims. Raise the middle finger on your right hand and tell them to sit on it.

Exile said...

And we're not being islamised, eh? Thanks for bringing this one to my attention.

falcon_01 said...

I have to ask, does the Swedish Chef make any sense in Sweden? If they translate Sesame Street into Swedish, what does the chef get translated into? ;-P

Wow, so a chef who doesn't want to cook something can be charged with a hate crime.

Simple- just walk into a muslim restaurant and order yourself a jew meal. If they don't give you Kosher matzo ball soup and salmon bagels charge 'em with a hate crime! That'll have them saying Oy in no time... or they'll just drag you out back and chop off your head- but only after they bake your children in the oven. Remember, it's not hate, "it's a cultural thing." LOL

Yankee Doodle said...

"From there it will get picked up by A.I. and the likes."

Screw them!

"To be quiet honest Michael I have got to the point that I don't give a..."

Uh, yeah!

"Simple- just walk into a muslim restaurant and order yourself a jew meal."

Sorry, but the wind only blows one way....

Great post, great comments!

Yankee Doodle said...

I almost forgot....

Is that her in the picture? Once she gets her way and Denmark is Islamified, they'll slap a veil on her, and stick her in the harem. She'll only be let out for her husband's, uh, well, you know....

Muslims in Dialog: Secrets from the Harem.... Heh. (End of the public dialogs.)