Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Don't Flash Swedish Flag in Swedish School Photo

Swedish dhimmitude at it's worst:

The principal of a Swedish school told pupils they couldn't be in the annual class photo when some of them turned up wearing Swedish National Football T-shirts. The reason? It could send a signal of xenophobia and racism.

Swedish daily Sydsvanskan reports (link in Swedish, my translation):
Eighth graders at the "Strandskole" in Klagshamn [in the Malmö region] are not allowed to be in the photos for the school yearbook. - School photos are not suitable for political manifestations, says the Principal.

There's a football match between Denmark and Sweden this weekend, and the kids wanted to show their support for the Swedish team. However, the Principal, Pär Blondell, got worried that a handful of 14-year old boys showing the Swedish flag on a photo would be seen as a display of "xenophobia and intolerance", something the school has a policy against.

Sydsvenskan have been talking to some of the boys, who seems to posses a lot more common sense than their Principal:
We meant no harm. And we had no idea that it could be perceived as racism. We have a lot of friends with immigrant background, says of of the boys to Sydsvenskan.

How can it be racist to wear a national football jersey, another pupil ponders.

The Principal will now discuss the situation with the pupils and their parents.
What can be seen as racism and xenophobia is a gray area. My decision can be perceived as intolerant. But it was the pupils who made this choice. I do not think it was a wise choice. And as a parent I don't think it was a good choice. And as a student - five years from now, I probably wouldn't think it was a wise choice, says Principal Pär Blondell

Bad choices... Five years from now.... He makes it sound like the kids where caught smoking in the boys room.

Anyway, here's a xenophobe racist who doesn't mind showing the Swedish colors on his shirt:

Zlatan Ibrahimović, one heck of a football player. Born in Malmö as the son of a Croat mother and a Bosnian father.

This is a goal he scored while he was playing for Ajax Amsterdam (Wearing number 9). He's also on the Swedish national team playing against Denmark on Saturday. Can you blame a kid for wearing a jersey his hero's also wearing?

In Sweden, absolutely.


pela68 said...

Nice one!

This one will be reposted over at my blog! Or really only linked to- but all the same...

Du ska veta att jag följer (läser) båda dina bloggar. du har en känsla för det Danska språket såväl som för engelskan som gör mig rent avundsjuk!

Fortsätt så!

(Det är föresten lite märkligt att jag har lättare för att förstå Danska i skrift emedan Norska synes mig vara betydligt lättare att förstå i tal?!) I vilket fall; Jag står med Danmark!

pela68 said...


Jag önskar det Danska fotbollslaget all lycka i den kommande landskampen!

Den senaste blev ju lite- hrrrm- knasig...


WomanHonorThyself said...

o gosh now I've heard it all!...say hello to dhimmiland!..great post..Keep up the good fight!

falcon_01 said...

As I've said elsewhere, we better all hide our symbols of nationality. Us in America have it real bad because there are American flags EVERYWHERE! Plenty of our clothes display a flag... no big deal though because most are made overseas anyway...

Even worse that our license plates say what state we are from. I'd hate to offend someone from a different state! ZOMG!

Anyway, great post, found it through Pela's blog. :)

Flanders Fields said...

Good Job! I found you through Pela, too. His keyboard seems to be sticking though.

I've linked to it, too.

pela68 said...

Great game so far; huh? This is the kind of soccer I want!

Yes my keyboard is clogged up with ice cream, lingonberry jam, milk and all sorts of other substances that a four year old eats or produces!

HEH! (c;

Yankee Doodle said...

Xenophobic fascists!


Thanks for pointing out this post, Pela!

You said it, Falcon 01.

Hi, Angel!

This is a great blog, isn't it FF?

The Sanity Inspector said...

I recommend a student protest where not only do all the kids come in their Swedish footy shirts, but come with one of those balls with the Saudi flag on it!