Saturday, November 17, 2007


A salute to the Danish fighting men in Iraq and Afghanistan who paid the highest price to protect our freedom:


Yorkshireminer said...

Dear micheal,
this really doesn't need commenting on, but I will. 160 years ago Britain instigated a new order of valour, the Vitoria Cross. It is the highest award for Bravery that the country can give,15 have been awarded to foreigners serving in the British armed forces over the last 160 years. 3 of these medals have been awarded to DANES just think 20% of all going to the inhabitants of a small country in the North of Europe, the last one to if my memory serves me correctly was to a Anders Lassen who served in the ranks of the S.A.S. In Italy during the last war. Nothing more has to be said.

Mikael said...

Your memory serves you very well Mr. Miner.

Two Danes got the VC in WW1 and Anders Lassen was posthumously awarded his in WW2 as the only foreigner (meaning outside the Commonwealth) in that war.

See here for the citations.

Anonymous said...

Det er mig som har lavet filmen. håber i syntes den er god :)

Mikael said...

@ Kamikaze-kaninen

Undskyld jeg ikke har bemærket din kommentar før.

Selvfølgelig synes jeg filmen er god, eller havde jeg ikke viderebragt den! :-)
Fremragende, faktisk.