Monday, November 20, 2006

Denmark has nothing to be ashamed of

Denmark has been getting a lot heat over the past years, the MSM describing her as xenophobic, borderline racist and for shutting down the borders to refugees.

Well, another myth is now shot down. (From the dead tree edition of Jyllands-Posten, apparantly not online.)

The UNHCR has published a report (PDF), which shows that Denmark is the country in Europe that takes in most refugees compared to the number of inhabitants. (Click on image to enlarge)

You will note that Denmark is ranked as #10, with the top nine all being countries in the vicinity of major conflicts. However, Denmark is listed well ahead of countries like the UK (#18) and Canada (#33)
Sweden - probably the country that have been the most indignant at Denmark - is ranking at a miserable number 17.

We are of course talking about refugees here, not immigrants (though many of the former will end up beeing the latter) wich is quite another matter. People fleeing from persecution is entitled to help, and I am actually quite proud that Denmark ranks so high on that list.

Perhaps the Swedes could be persuaded do their bit as well...


Anonymous said...

I stand with Denmark.

Anonymous said...

I think you really lost bad on this one.

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Good link. Not much to do with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, but what the Heck.. :-)

I've put a link up to Honest Reporting, thanks again.