Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Murder Plot Against Cartoonist Foiled

A plot to murder one of the 12 cartoonists who published the Motoons, was foiled early this morning when police and the Danish Security and Intelligence Service arrested 3 persons in Ã…rhus - Denmark's second largest city and home to Jyllands-Posten's headquarters.

This from Jyllands-Posten: (Link in English.)
Early Tuesday morning, Danish police arrested several people with a Muslim background suspected of conspiring to kill Kurt Westergaard, a Danish cartoonist with Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten.

Kurt Westergaard is one of the 12 cartoonists who on 30 September 2005 published cartoons of Muslim prophet Mohammed.

The group arrested includes Danish as well as foreign citizens. The Danish Security and Intelligence Service have followed the group for months.

The cartoons and an explanatory article led, as is well known, to the so-called Mohammed crisis involving violent demonstrations, the boycott of Danish goods and the burning of Danish embassies.

Kurt Westergaard’s cartoon depicting the prophet wearing a bomb turban with a lit fuse attracted particular attention. What the cartoonist wanted to say with his cartoon was that many people exploit the prophet to legitimize terror. However, the cartoon was widely seen as a depiction of the prophet as a terrorist.

Note that there's no mention of religion in the article. Must be those dammed Methodists again.

The police explicitly calls the plot "attempted terror related homicide!" What's wrong with these insensitive officials? Don't they know the wording is "Anti Islamic Activity"?

Anyway, there will be a press conference later today, and I'll update this as I know more.

UPDATE: Apparently only 3 persons where arrested though initial reports said 5. Original post corrected.
One is a 40-year old Moroccan with Danish citizenship who will be released after interrogation, the other two are Tunisian nationals. They are being held until they can be expelled administratively as they are seen as a threat to national security. (You don't say...)

Security police said they didn't want to take any chances and moved preventive at an early stage after the group had been under surveillance for several months.

The target, Kurt Westergaard, 73, and his wife have had round-the-clock protection and have been forced to move around the last 3 months as the terrorists allegedly were plotting to assassinate him in his own home.

UPDATE 2: See also WaPo, CNN, BBC, Guardian, and Times for more. (With thanks to Western Resistance for the links.)


Anonymous said...

A religion that would advocate KILLING someone because of a stupid cartoon is scary.

I am mightily GLAD that I am not living in a muslim country.

Anonymous said...

Comments like this found in the CNN article.
"CNN's Paula Newton said the arrests reinforced growing fears in Europe that radical Islam was trying to suppress free speech."

Where in the world did she get this idea I wonder? (Idiot)

"More and more Europeans feel that Islam is a threat to their way of life," Newton said.

YA THINK!! (Idiot)

"A recent Gallup poll for the World Economic Forum showed a majority of Europeans believed relations between the West and the Muslim world were worsening. According to the poll this sentiment was strongest held among Danish."

Un-holy CRAP... where have these people been? (Idiots one and all)!!

Anonymous said...

Life must be good for those folks if all they have to be bent out of shape is a cartoon ( satire ) that they can't accept as such.......Methinks they doth protest too much.......perhaps trying to prop up or inflate the value of that which they are trying to protect.......they should grow up and get a life instead of being so infantile as to need to take a life as retribution for such satire.............

Anonymous said...

Muslims are becoming marginalized as a result of their pathetic, purile and regressive intolerance of secular society. Their anger at the West stems from their irrelevance and desperate state. It is probably in everyone's best interest to just ignore them. Perhaps depriving them of attention will rid the problem.

Mikael said...

@ #4 Anonymous
It is probably in everyone's best interest to just ignore them. Perhaps depriving them of attention will rid the problem.

If you think that, try reading this interview. We cannot afford to ignore them. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Christians believe Jesus was an embodiment of God, and yet he appears as a South Park character with no problems. Muslims believe Mohammad was a human prophet, and yet even paintings of him of punishable by death? Where's the logic in that?

Anonymous said...

The closed-mindedness of these zealots is unfathomable in modern society. Since they refuse to get out of the stone age in most aspects, perhaps we can be rid of them. Let's exterminate them all! We can call it the New CRUSADES! As ridiculous as that sounds, that is the mentality of these Muslims, refusing to evolve. I think we could live with a few less Nukes a billion less people to feed in this world. Really, don't make a joke, you might get killed over it. What a farce these people are, I pity them for their lack of intellect and reason.

Anonymous said...

They lack the self awareness to live outside of a document writen thousands of years ago, and their poor interpretation of this document drives their irrational belief that they should kill people that have different oppinions than themselves. The funny thing is, these written religious documents were just the earliest forms of government, created to control the masses from themselves. Please pick up a book on science or math and start there. Try several texts, not just one, that is how most people form oppinions and beliefs. Clearly, the education systems, or lack of, are the culprits in creating these extremists and the people in power intentionally keep them repressed. It is easier to tell morons what to do. We all must stand together to STOP STUPIDITY!

Mikael said...

@ #7 Anonymous

Please refrain from comments involving fantasies about nuking and extermination. It's not exactly viable and it is most definitely counter-productive. It is all to easy for the left and the MSM to point their fingers at a comment like that and shrug off the anti-jihad movement as a bunch of genocidal maniacs. Our fight is much too important to leave an open flank like that.

I have a policy not to delete comment (apart from spam and long off topics) but I ask all participants in the debate on this blog to behave in a civilized manner. Civilization is the difference between "them" and "us."

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

BOOM! So, we shouldn't fight fire with fire because our bombs are bigger? If I have a gun and someone else with a gun is trying to shoot me, I shouldn't use mine? Maybe I should build a big wall around my house and hide behind it.
Granted, my extermination statement was a quasi-joke emphasizing the fact that you should be able to say whatever you want without threat of someone trying to KILL you. I can understand your point about saying this. But, being able to express ones ideas is what separates us from them.