Monday, January 26, 2009

"A dark hour for the Netherlands"

Pat Condell tells it as it is. As always.

This time of the trial Geert Wilders now faces for daring to quote the Koran. This is surely racist and hate-speech, how dare he point out all the hate and incitement to bloodshed in The Book written by Allah's own finger. Wilders must be impaled and quartered by wild horses.

Thank God there are still people like Pat and Wilders who will not be shut up by insane imams and dhimmi politicians.

And while we're at it, why not review "Fitna" this horrible, horrible hate movie filled with lies and distortions.

For as we all know, Islam means "peace" and all references to beheading, stoning, and massacres in general in the Koran are taken out of context.

Pat Condell is a brave man, his life expectancy can't be that long. One day he'll be found on a street with a javelin in his heart and a note saying: "Kill those who says Islam is violent!"

Which of course is a saying taken out of context.

You can support Geert Wilders by signing this on-line petition.


Anonymous said...

Eurabia sure seems like it is lost. But until non-Muslims are willing to stand up for their civilization and actually fight - there doesn't seem to be a future.

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