Saturday, January 10, 2009

Unrest in Copenhagen

A pro-Israel rally was held today on the City Hall Square in Copenhagen. As opposed to the situation in Oslo everything went peaceful.

The indefatigable Steen from Snaphanen was there and have posted a few snapshots on his blog:

However, only minutes after the (according police estimates, 300-400) demonstrators had dispersed, an unannounced rally took place at the Square, this time with Palis and left wing Danish moonbats.

This picture, also taken by Steen, shows a, whaddyacallit... "youth" being apprehended by a plain-clothes policeman:

Meanwhile, "youths" have been running amok in Copenhagen, with so far 75 arrests being made.

Pic from Jyllands-Posten

A few highlights from Jyllands-Posten (Link in Danish, my translation.)

Press Officer at Copenhagen's Police, Flemming Steen Munch, says it was a group of about 75 persons with some 22 minors that were arrested. He also described the group as completely out of reach.

"It hasn't evolved as peaceful as we had hoped," [he] said.

The police also reported about unrest in Nørrebro
[a neighborhood in Copenhagen and Ground Zero for much of civil unrest in the city. Ed.] Fireworks were thrown inside a McDonald's and eggs where thrown at several busses.
Yeah, that will show those genocidal Joooz. "Stop the war, or every bus in Copenhagen will be covered in eggs!" Brilliant.
The police also reports of several car windows being smashed in. At one occasion a mother and her child was dragged out of their car before the windows were smashed.

Co-incidentally, at the exact same time as this unrest occurred, another demonstration were held a few kilometers away, in front of the Parliament, Christiansborg, by a bunch of indigenous Danes demanding that the immigration laws be loosened and that more immigrants should be allowed into the country. "It is the only decent thing to do," a spokesman declared on TV.

Perhaps the timing of such a rally could been have better if you ask me.


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