Sunday, January 04, 2009

Kill the jooos

A flyer was distributed by a young man at the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen Wednesday.

Danish blogger Steen at Snaphanen has uploaded it:

(Click for full screen.)

Steen describes him as nervous, about 25 of age who quickly disappeared after he was done littering the square.

Funny thing about Ay-rabs and their spelling. This is from a rally in New York:

Well, at least the Israelies aren't going to take any more shite lying down. Here's one entering the Gaza-strip.

Go for it my man, and Gods be with you and your mates!


Fidothedog said...

Ever the religion of peas, sorry piss er I mean peace.

This misspelling lark must be catching.

SasMaster said...

Good article and nice blog.I am Israeli and I like seeing people from Europe like you getting awareness about what Islam really is!