Monday, January 12, 2009


An update on the previous post about the Pali-rally in Copenhagen shortly after the pro-Israel demonstration had finished.

Notice the Hitler-salute at 0.45.

UPDATE: This excellent footage from the so-called counter demonstration was taken and edited by [a Dane, see update 3, Ed] For some reason it's not on his home page, but he did upload it on Youtube:

UPDATE 2: There seems to be a little confusion in the bloggosphere, so let me repeat myself: As much as I wish I had made the above video, I haven't. I merely linked to it. Credit goes not to me, but to [XX, see update 3, Ed.], a very brave young man.

Just so there is no misunderstanding.

UPDATE 3: I have a bad feeling about revealing the videomaker's site, as he post his full name and address on it. I have written him, but so far haven't got an answer. His video has been tremendously exposed, much more that he would probably have thought, so for the sake of his security, I have removed the link to him until I get his permission to do otherwise.